How to actually lose weight, change shape and improve health in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond!

I am not going to sugar coat it here
I’m not sure if you noticed
But getting results “at our age”
Is harder
It was easier say back when we were in our twenties
Could consume more calories
And mostly get away with it
Less aches and pains
The body seemed to be more nimble
Less sluggish
But now
Fat is incredibly stubborn
Bits wobble that didn’t before
Bits creak and crack that didn’t before
Bits ache that didn’t before
So surely there is a trick or something
At our age we can do
Well there is
You know the stuff
That is important to getting results
Keeping active, doing certain types of exercise and exercises
Daily steps
Keeping calories in check
Including foods we know are good for us
All that stuff
Well for us
It’s basically even more important
Not short term
Long term lifestyle
If you keep doing it
Just fit it in
As best you can
There is absolutely no reason you can’t have all those benefits of being in good shape and health you had in your twenties

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Ed (on achieving it, you can feel smug around those youngsters because your achieving it with all the extra committments and responsibilities, they even get lay ins, I mean what are they??) Stride

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