Why it’s not your fault if you need to lose weight and improve your health and what to do.

Let’s face it if being in good shape and health was easy
Everyone would be doing it!
Not like there is a calorie shortage going on
It’s pretty easy to pick up less nutritious type foods
Nearest shop will do it
Even watching TV, we are bombarded with food adverts
Ever planned to be disciplined with what you eat
And someone being, well less deciplined 
Entices you to eat something
If it gives you a sugar rush
You will probably want more sugary stuff
Hard to resist
It’s even made that way
Even with savoury stuff
“Once you pop…”
That’s not a clever tag line
They have literally made them that way!
But being in the shape and health you want
Feeling better
Less sluggish
Wearing the clothes you want to wear
Doesn’t mean huge discipline all of the time
In fact I would say in my system
Making sure to have a bit of what you like
Means you will keep doing it
Restriction in my experience means short term
It’s just getting the balance right
Despite all the complicated messages you are subject to
And less nutritious food being so readily available
The old saying “everything in moderation”
Is still the way forward.
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Ed (The fast food restuarants have realised people like me are trying to consume less meat and have just brought out a veggie options when they are famous for just doing “special recipe chicken” Of course at some point, probably a week end I’m going to be trying it) Stride.

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