Be in control of losing weight, changing shape and being healthy.

In my converations with Mums at the moment, there is a common theme…
Are you a Busy Mum with a history of losing a bit of weight and gaining it back?
You either have not made progress for a while or do the right things to lose weight or improve your situation…
Or you get yourself to a good level of health, having more enery, feeling stronger…
But at some point you always go back to previous ways and undo results.
It never tends to last?
Never quite in your control?
Do you feel sometimes that this effects whether you actually can achieve a lasting result?
That you start to believe that for some reason nothing works for you, maybe you see it working for someone else, but you dismiss it as “that will never work for me”.
Has this worn you down a little bit and stopped you trying?
Are you settling for just being comfortable with what you feel is normal?
Well you don’t need to!
I have said it before that you just have not found the right long term plan or need to find a way to stick to it longer.
As part of my role I help people get ready for and set a time to improve things.
Most I help are not just looking to be at their best for the event though, they want to be in shape, have less aches and pains, have energy, wear the clothes they want to wear, feel a certain way all of the time!
But most adopt a short term strategy.
If you have an end date mentality, then your results will be short term.
That is why diets don’t work!
The next event- holiday, xmas function (it will come around quick) is just a step where you want your progress to be.
Or if you don’t have far to go, it could be the happy place to get to.
Starting something is key, without that nothing happens!
But keep it realistic, it’s no good adopting a plan that isn’t designed for someone as busy as you.
Or takes into account your aches and pains and why they exsist.
Starting is the best place to start, but don’t give up at the first sign you can keep doing what you set out to.
Change it a little.
Compromise if you have to.
But have a long term mentality about it, are you willing to keep doing that in the future?
When someone gets a result, it does not finish there, they have to keep doing the right things to stay that way, returning back to previous habits, brings about previous results.
But it is a great learning tool!
Why did it go wrong?
Short term mentality?
Doing things that you were not willing to do for long?
Or did you stop before it had a chance to work?
Or before you made it a habit.
As a coach it is my job to make sure the action you are going to take will make a big difference.
That action fits in with your busy lifestyle.
Adopting a long term belief.
Dealing with set backs.
Nothing inspires like seeing progress to make more progress.
Supporting you to keep going with those habits that work for you.
Until suddenly YOU are in control.
You realise it would actually take effort and time to start going backwards!
Not a bad point to get to, hey?
That is what I want for you.
Ed (Plus you would read my blog saying “that’s me” at the end rather than the beginning) Stride.
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