Getting Rid Of The Paunch

So my main mission is to help you get the results you want…
To try and help you steer clear of those who want to sell you the quick fix and make claims that by science just can’t be delivered not for longer than the very short term anyway.
And yes, to be transparrent this then helps me build a business for me and my family.
In order for me to do all that I just can’t be the expert, I have to be able to lead you and gain your trust. (And earn that).
But I know it’s not enough to know my stuff, I have to be able to walk the walk (there is a pun in there somewhere).
To be some kind of healthy example.
So, not so long ago, I was doing what I thought was everything right.
Applying everything, continuing to exercise regularly, making sure I was getting my macros right (fancy term for right amounts of Carbs, Proteins, Fats), keeping it all very healthy (most of the time)
But my body fat was creeping up (as it tends to do).
I have a weird shape of long arms and legs and if I get things wrong a paunch to go with it.
That first time in the summer, where I am wearing a tshirt and it looks like I’m smuggling a little cushion under it.
Probably sounds a bit petty, I’m probably still healthy, but I am aiming to help thousands, millions even, it doesn’t seem right if I don’t look like I’m practicing what I preach.
So I totally understand losing can be complicated, it seems so many methods and ways.
But gaining, that is simple!
Consume more calories than you burn!
Then you store the excess as fat.
But I am being pretty healthy and day in, day out too.
To be honest the younger version of me who also had a working thyroid would look like an expert following these habits.
There had certainly been a slow down!
So I could dwell on this, but it’s always better to take action!
The plan was I was consuming too many calories somewhere, so back to looking at good old eating habits!
Portion size! So many times it’s portion size! But if I just had small portions I will get hungry, no one wants to be around me when I am hungry!
Its time to swap stuff that has sauce, that is easy to over consume and reign in the week end treats more, I need to eat more filling stuff, which then means smaller portions, especially as eating dinner is when things quiten down for the night at home and the little ones now stay up later, or I am working late, so eating late is unavoidable.
But knowing and doing is too different things, ever got a bit of a result and relaxed a bit and then undone it?
And pateince, everything is quick now a days, the information comes quick.
But to see a change a lasting one, that takes patience.
So I knew I was doing the right things, but then I know, it could be a month before I even notice a speck of a difference!
But of course it worked, clothes I was packing for a holiday fit better, because I was exercising a bit more like I use for those I help, even my mobility is better, was not expecting that and for me feeling less of a fraud…
Of course, now I have slightly undone it all on a all inclusive holiday (big portions again!)
But I know exactly what needs to be done, get straight back to previous habits.
Even when sometimes maintenance is a goal, things tend to go up and down.
Its all a learning experience, even now.
But one I am very happy to pass on to you, if you have similar objectives your self and know the benefits you will get, then time to take action.
As always I am a reply away if you need help.
Ed ( Former cushion smuggler) Stride.


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