Do you have a 5,000 calorie a month habit you don’t even know about?

A lot of the time
What effects your shape and health
Are small things that happen often
Not big things that happen occasionally
“What are you on about Ed??”
I hear you say
Well let me give you an example
Let’s say you always have a biscuit with your favourite hot drink
Maybe 3 a day
You think nothing of it
But do that weekly and that’s over 1,000 calories, monthly over 5,000 calories
The same as 10 big Mac’s or 10 750ml bottles of wine!
Which can lead to gradual body fat gain or keep you stuck
For you it might not be biscuits, might be something else
But before you throw your hands in the air upset you can’t enjoy your biscuit or similar 
What I was pointing out was not a big thing
Just an insignificant daily habit
Whilst it seems a small thing is keeping you stuck
Flip it around and changing a small thing can be the difference between stuck and progress
You might think what keeps you stuck is down to “one of those week ends”
Not unless that happens every week end
It’s the stuff you do most often that adds up or if you made a small change
Doesn’t and could put you in deficit
Making steady progress
Feeling better and without trying that hard
Or though tiny bit of patience needed
If you really enjoy your biscuit (or similar)
Then think of another small but repeated thing
But you can see how small things make a big difference.
Might come in handy if you are taking action on that significant date in a week and a bit 🙂

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Ed (Think I will skip this one, so insert your own small things witty quote here :)) Stride.

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