Do you do this? (could be stopping you getting healthy weight loss results).

Has there ever been a time where you have declared you are never going to eat or drink a particular thing again?
New years resolution
Start of some major action
Even been one of those diet things (shudder) 
Not like a 1 month thing to see if you could do it
One of those that when you started you intended it to be long term
Out of interest how long did it last? 
Was it an enjoyable worth while experience 
Alright you got me, I’m sort of aware of the answer already 🙂 
The thing is in all the years I’ve been coaching any form of restriction has never lead to a result 
I’m not sure why you would want to
Especially if it was your favourite
But yes you are dead right, too much of your favourite foods and drinks won’t do either 🙂 
The best way and of course its part of my system to help over 40 somethings be in the best shape and health
Is something a bit more realistic
Good old, old fashioned restraint 
Nothing is off menu
As it should be
But balance is key
Portion size
Knowing what to have all the time
Knowing what to have some of the time
Far more achievable long term
Yes it won’t equal over night change
Progress will be more of the steady variety
But in my experience also, those that get their results that way
Tend to get to keep them
Reply if you have a question 

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Ed (I remember the person who loved pizza, decided they would give up pizza, had no pizza for 9 days and on day 10 had 10 days worth of pizza apparently) Stride.

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