Could this be why it’s hard for you to lose weight?

The number one thing I’m told would help someone feel like a younger version of themselves
Is losing weight
I bet it’s an objective of yours
Well all you need to do is put in less than you burn
Sounds simple
But what if the total number of calories you burn per day
Is a small number
Smaller than most you know
And even if you are incredibly active each day
Won’t make much of a difference
That daily number will be lower than most
If you are a women (men have it easier, sorry)
You are older than 30
You don’t engage in exercise that preserves muscle a few times a week
(Walking and cardio types count a tiny bit)
Hormonal changes
Some metabolic effecting conditions
You can either decide not to try
Have a go at the latest fad diet
Try and burn a huge amount of calories each day (if you have the time every day)
Or have a system, lots of ways to have less calories without the hardship
Effect muscle and be able to burn more calories at rest
Without hanging around the weights room
Or doing it anywhere if you want
With support
My total healthy lifestyle system helps you have the energy, shape and health of a younger person
Feel free to ask questions
Ed (Now feel responsible for all those blokes getting a little shoulder slap and being told “I said it was easier for you”) Stride.
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About the Author Ed Stride