Changing shape and health without trying that hard!

I’m sure most people on meeting me can tell
My standards are not always that high
I have to confess I’m not that good at attention to detail
Which actually creates a great environment for a healthy lifestlye
Have you ever thought realistically you only had chance to exercise once during a week and so skipped the week
Or you were eating out a few times in a week so it wouldn’t really matter how mindful you were in between
That for the foreseeable future exercise would only be possible twice a week
But you know 3 is the optimum so no need for you to be consistent
Or it’s always best to wait until the right time to make a conserted effort
I have to ask
What sort of results is that bringing about?
If you just did that one exercise session that week, would you feel better after?
Or at least feel you made steady progress
Or dread the shock of how you will feel at the next exercise session
Or if you were mindful with what you ate, you could pick up the next week
Or even if you exercised twice a week you could still make progress (depending on what you do)
Or if you could do from now, rather than wait, would you make steady progress?
Isn’t steady progress better than no progress?
Your lifestyle habits don’t need to be perfect to get results
Good enough, but consistent will do it
No need for attention to detail, do what you can to make steady (the best type by the way)
If you do have limited time, maybe it would be a good idea for someone to design something to maximise your time
And keep checking you were doing it?
And a tried and tested system to follow?
Ed ( to pass exams means hardcore study, to be successful at work means putting the hours in, as per bringing up children, an alright lifestyle can actually produce great shape and amazing health, not a bad deal eh? ) Stride.
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