Can you make your Metabolism work for you?

What is your verdict on your own metabolism?
Is it working for you?
Or against you?
If the latter…
Why do you think that is?
Have you always had a slow metabolism?
Has it slowed with age? (I know mine has).
Medical condition? (Me too 🙂
Too many faddy or low calorie diets over the years? (Lucky for me, always knew that was a short term solution).
Do you feel it is not helping you make progress?
If you enjoy your food just a little bit too much (or the liquid stuff)…
You pay in fat gain.
Which isn’t good or healthy.
Well, you absolutely can make your metabolism work for you.
My programmes and coaching are designed around this very thing.
Do the right type of exercise (strength type exercises), the right exercises (those with a big list of muscle groups)…
No diet healthy eating plan, more food less calories overall, creating a deficit.
You see, I love food so there is no way I’m restricting or telling anyone else to!
Eating food you enjoy, enough of the right exercise to ignite metabolism.
A plan that means you can be in the shape you want, the health you want, really without much hardship, unless 45 minutes twice a week of exercise is hardship, then I probably can’t really help you.
If you would like some simple help, download the free metabolism report below!


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