Can you have fun food/drink and get weight loss results?

Is one of your biggest challenges…
Consuming too many calories?
Does it get to Friday…
And things are already starting to slip…
Relaxing a bit, moved from the healthy part of the week…
To the fun part of the week…
Which is a reason you are not in the shape you want to be in…
Or have the health you want…
Or sometimes the fun bit crops up mid week too.
If you could change this you would be in amazing shape and health!
In fact sometimes you have tried…
Cut the fun bit out completely…
Done without it.
Gone without you favourite food or drink.
Started strong.
But, then you started to miss it…
Having to watch others enjoying themselves.
Eventually you gave in and joined them.
But not feeling too good about it.
Having to put up with the shape you are in, worrying about health.
Until the next atempt.
With the same result.
The way to get results and lasting results…
Is creating the right balance.
The healthy/fun balance.
Enjoying the food and drink you like…
But doing enough of the healthy stuff to make progress.
Of course measuring to make sure you can keep doing what you are doing.
Much easier to start, continue and make it long term if someone’s keeping you accountable and supporting you along the way.
Just my opinion.
If you need something to help you get started and make progress, especially if you think you have metabolism issues, then get my free metabolism weight loss report and start using it to take action straight away -see right or down depending on what device you are using:)
Ed (People worry that due to my healthy habits, my life is a bit devoid of fun, but they have obviously never opted for pea snacks instead of crisps 🙂 Stride.


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Madeline Theis says 13th June 2019

Healthy foods and exercise play a vital role in weight loss mechanism. You can’t expect great results by consuming high-calorie diets such as chocolates, soft drinks, and creamy food. If you are able to combine a weight loss supplement with a great lifestyle, it shall speed up things for you.

    Ed Stride says 23rd June 2019


    True, you are never going to get results from a bad lifestyle. However completely cutting out favourite things isn’t the long term answer, getting the balance is, it may be different person to person but an 80/20 healthy/fun balance works for most.
    Most supplements aren’t worth the money, some help for a short while, but not to be relied upon. As a coach I have been getting those I help results through lifestyle habit adjustments without the need for supplements for the last 22 years.

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