Busy Mums, whether you are gaining weight, losing or maintaining comes down to this…

Six mornings of the week I drive my car in exactly the same direction…
Sometimes on day seven, if I am not fully concentrating I can accidentally start going the same way.
To the slight annoyance of those in the car it seems 🙂
Basically it’s something I do so many times that I go on to autopilot.
I revert back to habit.
In relation to the shape you want to be in and your health…
Are all connected to your habits.
And if you want things to improve, then it involves changing a few habits.
The problem is, if they are not habits that involve little thought and are just part of your busy day, then it’s hard.
Because the lifestyle habits you have fit in with everything else and are easy and some can make you happy (usually in the short term).
But I wasn’t always on auto pilot (I think) I had to do the same thing many times before that happened.
But what if you changed a few things and started to feel better and make progress?
That after at little time the habits required less thought, that you continued to make progress on autopilot?
I realised with my role it’s ok having all the information, in fact you probably have the right information now…
My role is deeper than giving the right information, more important is helping coach and support to put that information to good use.
Because the info on its own doesn’t make a difference.
Applying it does.
And applying it enough times so that it counts,
But it’s hard in the beginning to keep remembering and doing, for example having to place a favourite item of clothing you long to get back into somewhere you will see it all the time, to remind you what you are doing it for for…
Or some kind of joint pain or stiffness that reminds you, you need to keep doing the right exercises regularly.
A big part of what I do is help someone be clear on which habits would have a difference for their busy life, which habits can be realistically applied and then making it habit enough to get results.
If you need help and want some steps you can easily take and start applying designed for the busiest busy Mums, then scroll down and help yourself to my free 7 step guide.


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