Busy Mum, read this before you stop because you think your healthy weight loss habits are not working.

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Now I completely understand whatever the main reason thst you want to lose and change shape is…
Wether to lose weight, change shape, improve your health, have more energy, fit in clothes that you want to wear again, feel better in general, have less aches and stiffness…
That depending on how unhappy this makes you feel…
You want to change and feel different in the shortest possible time.
Meaning you want the fastest possible results.
And you have got captain sensible here writing to you, telling you that for lasting, healthy results my system and usually those by others in the fitness and healthy weight loss industry is the fastest way.
And I realise that when you are faced with another ad for a quick fix, like pills, special tea, toning gadgets, rasperry ketones, even cream (I know)…
That it seems very tempting.
But those are quick fixes, many have said they have come back to me after trying one, losing and then gaining it back and more.
The problem is doing it the right way and focusing on losing fat and keeping a fast metabolism takes longer.
And I totally get it takes at least a few weeks of doing the right thing, before you notice any change.
But if you have made some changes  or at least planning to, let me explain why you should stay on that path.
With some numbers (no hang on, it will be worth it :))
There are 3,500 calories in one pound of body fat.
So let’s say clothes have fitted you the same way for a while.
Probably means what you consume and what you burn are about the same.
A few months ago, I was doing this, so I made a few lifestyle changes (eating habits, less junk at the week ends and fine tuned evening meals – sauces and portions).
Just a couple of changes as I tend to follow my own advice for the main part 🙂
If I was to measure it in calories (no need to do this, unless you have too much time on your hands, thought so)…
But on average I would say with the changes I made it was just over 100 calories less per day.
That means it would take about a month or so to lose a pound.
But I knew it was a case of change a few habits, make it slightly better than what I was doing before and be patient and it would happen.
I totally understand it’s easy to be patient the more sure you are it’s working!
The great news is, if you know and can identify quite a few habit changes you can make, and make them (that last bit is the key 🙂
Nothing drastic, remember things like make a few swaps and eat eat more veg and a source of protein each meal, less junk food and alcohol, more water and move more.
It will be happening at the fastest, healthy, lasting rate.
But if things have stayed the same for a while, any healthier changes will make a difference, it may test your pateince as to how fast, but it will be happening!
So start as soon as you can and if you have started and you have made some sensible changes, keep doing them!
Want help making sure the action you are going to take is the right action, or to get clear on the habits right for you or to be held to keep doing them, then reply like the others have done and let’s start turning things around.
Contact me at ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com
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Ed (I was told a personality type like mine prefers numbers to affection) Stride.


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