Busy Mum, when it comes to weight loss, know it’s OK to do this sometimes…

Hello and hope you are enjoying the never ending heat wave!
Drininking enough water 🙂
I’m enjoying the endless sun, don’t know about you but it’s a bit energy sapping.
My exercise programme consists of a 3 lap circuit of exercises.
I can usually make it through 3 laps,
The other day though I was seriously wanting to let my self off at 2 laps, which is rare.
I carried on.
Thinking back though in the big scheme of things, how much difference did it make?
Maybe the only difference is if I had stopped at 2 instead of 3, would I have done that more in the future?
As a Busy Mum, do you find you want to be doing the right things or nothing at all?
Do you feel, when it comes to a healthy lifestyle you are either on or off?
Giving things a lot of focus or no focus?
And with the number of things you have to focus on, its pretty impossible to be very focussed on a healthy lifestyle.
But you would still like to feel better, feel good especially in the warm weather, have good health, to have mobility instead of niggly aches and pains.
As a coach I have those I help set their own tasks based on their individual goals.
But things have to be realistic.
But it does not need to be on or off, lots of focus or no focus.
Sometimes when things are that busy, know its OK to just get by.
As a coach, I help people come up with a realistic plan.
That isn’t all or nothing, that just inolves doing the best they can, with the circumstances they have, that’s all.
Getting results isn’t about hyper focus and going for it when times are good.
It’s just that, doing what you can at that time.
Having a plan that justs fits in.
So you don’t find your self losing, but then gaining it back, feeling mobile one minute, then stiff with joint pain the next.
You can keep things ticking along untill you can give it more focus, after a busy time or holiday or even after the children go back to school.
Sometimes my job is to just keep someone healthy and doing what they can.
Still measuring and holding them accountable to that.
Which makes it easier to make progress as soon as that time comes!
No need for off or on, just keep doing what you can!
Use the comments if you have a question.
Or scroll down after the comments and help your self to my free 7 step guide of things you can still do to keep healthy or even make progress when times are busy.
Ed ( I was thinking I could do two laps myself, but then I should let off everyone else I make do three laps in my exercise sessions, so then it was an easy choice- 3 laps for me it is, dammit).


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