Busy Mums, this is a weight loss tip I have not shared before…

From early on I learnt a very similar formula for weight loss.
Burn more than you put in.
But of course easier said than done!
The trouble is with that statement is that the focus is on burning a lot.
Some of the instructors that teach tough back to back fitness classes, those in heavy training for a long distance event such as runners or triathletes can possibly out burn what they eat.
But I wouldn’t recommend it!
Plus I bet if you get an hour to your self in a day, then you see that as a day to be celebrated, meaning time to do this is a bit tight.
In my system, I make exercise time effective making sure that it does not take much time to burn calories and calories are burned long after and effect metabolism (or how many calories you burn at rest)..
On the other side is monitoring what you put in.
You could weigh or measure…
Again, little bit time consuming.
Maybe a little obsessive too.
Or there are systems that exist that use points and syns, but IMHO they don’t really teach you how to do it your self, so if you stop and try and do it your self, usually you gain the weight back.
So a big part of this is to avoid over eating.
Would you like a little trick from someone who can eat so much it makes buffet owners cry?
Well, OK then,
I remember when I was travelling for a while, someone sent me a macaroni cheese kit, I was a bit “over” the local food, so I made it and it was enough to last a week!
How long did it last me?
1 meal, I kept saying to my self “I will stop in a minute”.
And then it was gone.
So as someone that quite likes food and has a pretty healthy apatite…
I know which foods will fill me up faster and of course it is one of many of the features of my system I use to help those I help get the result that would make them happy.
And to be honest food stuff that is high in nutrients, like protein and minerals and vitamins is hard to over eat.
I relax it a bit but I still apply this at week ends.
Yes, you still have to be portion size aware, but get to know the foods you like that satisfy you quickest and those foods you can eat and eat.
It works.
Ed (“Even his indulgences have a plan, wow, he must be incredibly exciting to be around”) Stride.


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