Busy Mums, how to increase weight loss motivation by creating urgency.

Lets face it, we are all a bit reactive.
If something bothers us a bit, we tend to ignore it.
And wait until it really bothers us!
I’m sure when you hear health risks that could apply to you, you get scared for a little while and then something else demands your attention and it’s forgotten, until the next time!
Let’s face it there is so much going on, that we tend to deal with the most pressing.
Remember back to your education days, when you are given a project and a deadline.
All is OK, there is no urgency until that deadline comes around!
I think that is where the term “having to pull an all nighter” came from.
Lets face it how we look is important to us.
It hugely effects how we feel.
I know I’m effected as to wether I feel at my best or not.
During the winter, we don’t have to worry so much as we are hidden under layers of clothes.
In fact, it almost feels like we are supposed to be heavier and more sluggish in the winter.
One of those times when the sense of urgency increases is when the clocks change signalling the start of summer time!
When the realisation is that we are weeks away from warmer weather.
And of course we want to feel good and confident in summer clothes.
I know , for what ever reason when someone seeks my help, they are at a point where they are unhappy enough to get help.
Especially a Busy mum, with a whole host of distractions, If a Mum is unhappy enough to take action and do something for herself, things have got really bad!
When finding out what someone wants to achieve, I also want to know when they are looking to achieve it by.
If there isn’t a deadline, then I ask the question “What sort of time would have to pass that you would be disappointed not to have achieved this?’
So what is currently making you unhappy, stuck, frustrated or maybe lacking motivation to deal with it? How long would pass that you would be very disappointed that the situation had not changed?
Time to start?
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Ed (You are right, some of my posts are annoying, but what if things improve, you never know I could become slightly bearable then – no promises though) Stride.


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