Busy Mums, will the sugar tax help you lose weight?

Announced last week on the news.
Yes I watch the news occasionally. 🙂
All though I try not to, nothing happy ever gets reported.
But one topic, relevant to ye olde losing and shaping was the sugar tax.
To start making sugary drinks more expensive.
Apparently it was rolled out in Mexico not long ago (very high consumers of fizzy drinks) to some success.
There has been some studies carried recently and now it is diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Attack, Stroke, Liver failure and Cancers which are responsible for 72% of global deaths.
But what is interesting is the above list of diseases are also effected by our lifestyle-  eating habits, not getting enough exercise, alcohol…
The tax in particular hoped to lower the intake of sugary drinks in children.
By taxing sugary products the government hopes to “wean” us off our sweet tooth.
Would that work for you?
Now I may have mentioned it a few times, but all of my systems revolve around keeping blood sugar stable.
Whenever I have a small amount of something sugary, even if I say to my self that is all I will have, it seems that wild horses would not stop me from having a bit more!
Any time there is a drop in blood sugar, the body tells us to have something sweet to get it back up again.
Here is a funny thing I have observed is that when I work with and help someone who has a sweet tooth and gets sugar cravings, when they change the balance of their meals, it gets easier to curb sugar cravings.
Reason being stabilising blood sugar, stops the body going in to “give me something sugary now!” mode.
Which also means you end up consuming less and being more in control of your choices.
Plus depending on your fitness, the body is better able to use sugar as energy.
So your focus may be on losing and shaping, but by stabilising blood sugar you are positively effecting your health and a whole host of other things.
Ed ( A more hard hitting post than usual, but its very hard to sugar coat this stuff, couldn’t help it, sorry) Stride.


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