Busy Mum’s, another reason diets don’t work!

Have you ever had the situation where you are trying to follow a diet and someone suggests a non healthy indulgence…
And you say, ‘no I can’t do that, that’s bad”
Or even “naughty”.
In fact you could probably list lots of foods and drinks that fit into the bad and naughty category…
I wouldn’t do it though, it will make you hungry!
But ever noticed what happens if you stay away from the bad and naughty foods?
Ever told the little ones that they can’t do or have something?
They want it even more!
The same will happen to you, if you start making things forbidden, you will want them even more.
You will turn everyday objects into your favourite indulgence.
You will start having vivid dreams of your favourite indulgence.
You will start drifting off during conversations, thinking about the indulgence and if you don’t know the person well they may start feeling uneasy at your facial expression…
On a serious note as well, if you label something bad and then give in to cravings, this can lead to feelings of guilt.
Another reaction I have had in the past was what I like to call “the petulant teenager reaction”…
At the next exercise session, the person would tell me they had x indulgence and x indulgence “so there!” “And in your face Mr trainer!”
I have to admit I found these reactions odd, its basically a stressed fight or flight or freeze response.
I’m not sure what kind of reaction I was supposed to have?
But for me, I was just sad as I really want anyone I help to get results, that is kinda the idea!
So I would advise try not to label foods and drinks “naughty” and “bad”…
All it is, is using the whole everything in moderation approach….
Setting yourself some broad guidelines for ideal weekly amounts of different things…
portion sizes – remember the handful portion sizes post?
And if you find your self having an unplanned indulgence, I know its not easy to do, put pick your self up and carry on, maybe look at what you could do differently in the same situation in the future…
You can’t undo it, but you can effect what happens next.
Allow yourself to be human and carry on.
Ed ( That’s what my parents should have said to me growing up in the 80’s, “don’t have the sprouts or cabbage, that would be naughty”) Stride.


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womanattract.com says 1st August 2019

What would you say is a good amount of exercise or classes to start with per week for a mum who may not have exercised for a while to start seeing changes or building stamina or for a fit mum?

    Ed Stride says 2nd August 2019

    Hello, thanks for your comment! Hard to answer though because everyone is different. Assuming someone is ready to start exercise, I would say a couple of times a week and listen to the body and go from there. Seeing changes is done to how much body fat someone has, so incorporating mostly healthy eating would be a factor. There is more info in my metabolism report, you do join my mailing list, but I try and send something you can use x3 per week on the subjects related to your question. Hope that helped! Thanks Ed.

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