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Busy Mums, Having your favourite indulgence regularly actually helps with your Losing Weight and Changing shape results!

Do you Remember the game show “family fortunes?”…
I am old enough to remember when it was hosted by blimmin’ Bob Monkhouse…
I know!
But if I was on the game show and the question was…
“Name the favourite indulgence of Busy Mums?”
I would of course answer with “Wine” aka mummy petrol.
Bing,”that’s the top answer, Ed!”
All the other types of snacks would be on there too.
From my observations, if a Mum is arranging a play date, the chances of her bringing a bottle of something are as high as her bringing her children with her :))
The wine industry have convinced ladies all over the place that they should make this sophisticated drink their own, although the sophistication can drop in relation to number of glasses consumed 🙂
Don’t get me wrong, I have my own indulgences, in fact I could list them, but there is nothing sophisticated about my indulgences.
In fact in my Lose and Shape up System, I encourage a realistic balance.
It’s not realistic to completely cut your favourite indulgences out, it would not work.
The cravings would take over.
You would start dreaming about them.
So far better to “work them in”.
Sure if the only reason you have something is pure habit and you would not miss it, then try and replace it with something else (make it gradual if you need to).
But if it’s something you look forward to, then allow yourself to indulge.
Mine is to wait until the week end (although I am reigning in the amount).
Another way is to have a tiny bit each day.
But if you indulge say mid week, up to you to then try and balance your week end.
But having a bit of what you like makes it both realistic and massively increases the chances of making results long term.
P.S if you read this and you get the process, but know you could not do this yourself, reply in the comments and I will help!
Or, if you need something to get you started then scroll down to get my “7 top steps Busy Mums can apply to start getting results from now”.
Ed ( Weekdays like a health nut, week ends like a dust bin) Stride.


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