Busy Mum: Losing Weight could be easier than you think!

Surprisingly a healthy lifestyle is very important to me.
Although now I am in my early 40s I don’t feel the need to be some super lean athlete.
Just someone who practices what they preaches.
Someone who looks like they might know what they are talking about and be an example of good health.
And as a result a follow a few healthy lifestyle principles.
But probably not as healthy as you may think.
In relation to how you would like to be, in terms of shape, health, the clothes you would like to wear, the energy, and how you would feel…
What do you think your lifestyle would need to look like?
It would be interesting to know.
In fact reply with what you think you need to do to have the results you want in the comments.
The reason I am asking is depending on how far away you are from your desired result, you probably wouldn’t need to do as much as you think you need to.
Maybe thinking you have to have a perfect lifestyle stops you trying or gives you a reason not to.
But if the lifestyle you think you need is very different from the lifestyle you have, it can be overwhelming knowing what to do.
Meaning you don’t take much action or do the things you have always done and stay the same.
Being a bit of a thinker rather than a doer I have always found taking action hard, but I have have slowly learned as soon as you think you can do something, do it!
You can correct it down the line if needs be.
Or just take the next step, how could you take what you enjoy eating and make it a little bit healthier?
Which meal could you tweak first?
How would you slightly increase your activity, 10 minutes a couple of times a week if thats all you have.
An extra glass of water per day?
How soon can you start?
Write it down if you need to.
What is next best to achieving a desired result you have set out for yourself?
Making progress towards it.
If you want 7 of my best and easiest to implement steps to help you get started, fill in your details below.
Ed (It’s a bit like when you buying your significant other a gift, who said “it’s the thought that counts” it isn’t, its about taking action and even then it could go either way to be honest… ; )) Stride.


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