Busy Mums, Having a healthy lifestyle during the summer holidays…

Here we are deep into the summer.
Are you finding trying to maintain any kind of healthy lifestyle a bit of a challenge during the long summer?
Do you feel either you will just aim to do what you can or there is too much much going on and you will just have a re focus in September.
Are you fininding there are more challenges due to the routine of the summer being different?
Obviously doing any regular exercise is hard and fitting in any strength type exercises is near impossible because either you don’t have access to the equipment or its just too complicated.
Or you might not have the same eating habits as usual and if you are spending time with your children, you may be having to constantly pack food for them and you or eating out at various places, where a healthy option can be a challenge!
Working with lots of Busy Mums it seems September can be bigger than the New Year, it would be a while since you could focus on your objectives and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
But I know you don’t necessarily want to feel like you are starting again, trying to find the motivation to eat healthily, getting back to exercise that you did before you know will feel much harder.
Feeling further away from what it is you really want to achieve.
What I come across so often is the all or nothing mentality.
Either doing everything right or if that can’t be done then it turns into exactly the opposite!
Those who are successful know it’s more about just doing what you can at the present time.
Picking the best option, doing what ever fits in.
At this time of year the weather is good, it’s easier to be active doing things outside.
Picking the best options you have available food wise, if there isn’t an ultra healthy option, then just trying to pick the best option instead, rather than give in and eat what ever is in sight.
None of these things are major, just maintaining a certain mentality, which as a weight loss coach (who also helps people have healthy joints and backs) is a huge part of my job.
And rewarding too.
Because if you carry that mentality on into September, you fill find rather than start again, you are ready to make progress.
As a coach I fast track this, have you focus on doing the right things, personalising it so you are still eating what you enjoy, doing the right exercise to effect metabolism and strengthen backs and with support, accountability help you get the results you want to make you happier and healthier.
If you want something to get you started, scroll down (on mobile) to get the free 7 step guide, 7 steps you can start doing now to make progress, even in the middle of a summer holiday!
To prove you can get some results, have a free trial either The group 1 week trial or one to one taster.
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Ed ( Even trying to pick the best options when we all end up at the chippy) Stride.


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