Busy Mums, are your salads to blame for you not getting weight loss results?

I designed a little practical live video for the free Busy Mums Lose and Shape Up group.
The video was illustrating the point that it is a challenge to be able to eat what you wish and use exercise to expend calories.
I was doing a couple of high burning exercises (Jumping Lunges and clapping press ups) and then looking at how many calories were burned and matching that in chocolate Brazil nuts.
After two constant minutes of each I had burned enough calories for 1 brazil nut.
Not sure that was a good trade!
Plus because I was burning/ingesting calories like for like the end result would mean staying the same.
So my conclusion of the little experiment was that it is far easier to try and put less calories in!
I have mentioned it before we tend to over estimate how many calories we burn and under estimate how many we consume.
I know you are busy, but for one day see if you notice any additional calories that you may not have thought of, let me know!
Lets say you are having a stir fry for dinner (a healthy choice) are you conscoius of how much oil you put in the pan to begin? One table spoon full? Three table spoons full? Why?
Well each one is 120 calories, so it adds up.
Even if you are just having a salad, the lettuce will be low calorie, but if you add dressing, crispy bacon, croutons…
Would you eat 5 oranges in a row? Probably not, well all the calories are in the juice, so if you have a glass of orange juice that would be the equivalent.
Smoothies- similar scenrio to above if you are putting in fruit, vegetables and or milk, it can be the same number of
calories as a meal, so maybe those smoothies advertised are not so ‘Innocent” eh…
When it comes to exercise, the type you enjoy is best, because you will do it often.
In my system, I am making sure the exercise session doesnt just burn calories, but calories are being burned long after and resting metabolism is increased.
Plus in my group, I have the participants send me food pictures and summaries, so I can check for hidden calories!
Thats how I can guarentee results.
As always reply in the comments if you have a question!
If you want to watch the video of me burning calories and matching it in eating the calories go here:
Ed ( I was told of an online calorie log, that gets you to put your alcohol calories in and then tells you the equivalent in hamburgers, a lady was suprised to learn – because she only drank wine when stressed at the end of the day she was easily having 3 hamburgers a week, probably didn’t help the stress levels) Stride.


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