Busy Mums, you may think this helps you lose weight, but it doesn’t!

Sunday is the only day in the week where I get a few hours of “Ed time”.
I have a side passion other than leading and helping others lead a healthy lifestyle and it gets me outside in nature.
On Sunday though I refuse to be too organised about my food, I give my self a day off, I take a bottle of drink and some snacks and head out.
By dinner, I am hungry!
Yesterday I was thinking what to have for dinner, I didnt really want to be that healthy but I also didn’t want to feel not great, like sometimes you can after certain meals.
Bit random, but found a box of burgers cooked all of them off (4 of them) and added some swede mash.
As I cut up the cooked burgers (like you might a childs meal :)) not going to lie, it looked a lot! I ate it all and to be honest, even now not sure why I had to have 4, think it was my hunger talking.
But when I hear so many of you talk, you almost congratulate yourself for skipping a meal.
To me skipping a meal means (depending on your appetite) many more extra calories at the next meal.
And it makes it way harder to stick to a certain amount and make healthier choices, when the body is wanting quick energy.
Breakfast is probably the meal that is skipped the most and I have seen and read so much “don’t have breakfast to lose” “have breakfast to lose”.
Maybe sometimes for this reason your breakfast of choice is just a cup of coffee.
Now I know this is when you have the least time and if you are not hungry first thing, then it may not be high priority.
Bit if you end up with something sugary to go with your coffee a bit later that was unplanned, could be the skipped breakfast to blame.
Also why we tend to over eat later on, so busy and on the go during the day, we forget to listen to our bodies and then when things quiten down at dinner team, we realise we are pretty hungry after all and then a big dinner turns into snacks after in front of the TV and maybe a glass of something too.
I will admit it, sometimes I will have a snack at any time if I am only a little bit hungry, because I know if its going to be a while until I will be eating I have a snack, so I don’t have more than I need come the next meal.
Sometimes we don’t want to be thinking about food all the time or even have the time! But these are just a few big pieces of the healthy lifestyle system that get results, that pretty soon become a healthy habit.
So I would advise to have breakfast and avoid skipping meals, even if iyou have something quick (and healthy), because if you can keep your blood sugar from going up and down, then thats it, results follow and its down to a few key simple lifestyle things like this.
To put all the pieces of the lifestyle system together with help from me and those in the small group, now you have a little bit more time post easter holidays to your self, so that you can wear your favourite summer outfits and have more energy, health and vitality doing it, I have opened some places in my group for a weeks free trial including 3 free exercise sessions, so rather than take my word for it, you can actually start getting results by the end of the trial week, here is the link to apply which takes you to a quick form so I know you are a good fit and ready to get results!
That link..
Ed (I have never eaten four burgers before, why did I think it was as normal as having a breakfast with two eggs). Stride.


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