Busy Mum, once you know the reason you are not losing weight is down to one thing, you can change it!

Are you a Busy Mum who has always struggled with weight loss?
Do you feel that sometimes you find yourself accepting it with statements like; “This is just how I am”, “It’s genetic” “I am big boned”, “I have a slow metabolism” “As soon as I eat it, it’s on my hips!”
Throughout history have you never been in control over it?
Do you go through phases of losing, only to gain it back?
Is losing and shaping still something you want to achieve but you are starting to feel that it could be beyond you.
That you have tried everything.
All that it is, is that you haven’t yet tried what actually works!
You haven’t tried my system or followed it properly or for long enough!
Here is the bottom line.
That is the only way.
Yes, there are things that make this harder, I found this out when I had thyroid problems, suddenly the number of calories I needed was way less than before!
Yes, the same thing happens steadily as we age (although if you do strength exercises it won’t).
Yes some people do have faster metabolisms.
Yes some medications slow things down.
As hormonal balance changes it slows down.
But now you know what causes weight gain you can now do something about it!
I don’t and never advacate counting calories (who has the damn time!).
Plus we overestimate how many calories we burn (and there isn’t really a sure fire way to work this out).
And we underestimate how many calories we put in.
For example, in analysing lots of food diaries from those I help, there can be a massive difference in relation to what I think and actual!
For example…
The amount of butter on your toast in the morning (extra 100 cals).
You coffee (having say a latte would be 200 calories more than your coffee at home).
The size of your chicken salad and what you put on it. (Could be about 800 calories difference!)
Your snack, fruit and nuts for example (could vary by 300 calories in relation to portion size).
Dinner, lets say protein, veg and rice. (how much oil you used, portion size of rice, portion size of the whole meal, sauces, dressings again could add 500 calories or so.)
Loads of other things have an effect, if there was a sugary snack say, then could could be followed by more sugary snacks or a bigger portion at the next meal.
If you didn’t get much sleep the night before, you would tend to eat more, as your body would be sluggish and require more energy.
All those liquids that contain calories, even the ones that are low like squash or tea but are consumed in high amounts.
Sorry, I have to mention alcohol…
What we actually consumed at the week end (we all do this!)
How do you know? Well, please don’t rely on the scales, monitor how your clothes fit, measure your waist and hips and re measure, to tell if you are gaining/staying the same/ or losing and no it won’t be a really fast process, if you do it right, sorry.
But like I always say, you are only a few habit tweaks away from tipping the balance in your favour, change any of the above a little for example!
In my system a big key is to get to know those low calorie filling foods that you enjoy eating.
And exercise, don’t forget the exercise!
If in the short term you are burning calories exercising and through the type of exercise you do actually increasing the number of calories you burn per day, then you have a little bit more room to do some of the things listed above and still get results!
But sometimes knowing and doing are two different things! If you have questions let me know at: ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com
If you would like something you can start doing right now, get my free seven step guide by scrolling down (mobile users) to “get started for free now!” And enter your details.
Ed ( When I think of the dicipline and how healthy I was Mon to Sat afternoon, I really must of out done myself to cancel it out at the week ends before) Stride.


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