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Now, when you are in the right mindset things happen…
You manage to fit in exercise, with the best level of effort you can.
You are very mindful of what you eat.
If you have a plan you stick to it.
I am sure this makes you feel good and it will feel like you are making progress.
Although are you able to do it enough to count?
Or does that mind set only last for so long.
Or are you good at exercising quite regularly but struggle to eat healthy, so your fitness is OK, but you are not the shape you want to be?
Or you can eat healthy most of the time, but you would like to have more energy, feel stronger, increase your metabolism, have denser bones?
Maybe it’s both things?
Or is it something you plan to take more action on at some point?
But have not got passed the planning stage yet?
You know the perfect time won’t be coming any time soon to start?
You know you don’t need to plan for the perfect lifestyle to get results.
But you know there is room for improvements.
In my small group, the results are not just more likely because of the increased number of sessions, which I thought, but the fact I can get them in the right mind set again each time I see them.
It seems relative to those I help that the more times I see them in person or one of my messages (like this one) pop up in front of them or you, the more doing the right things becomes front of mind again.
I know as a coach, helping someone stay in the right mentality is so important!
It could be the difference of giving up after a small set back or carrying on,..
Wether when faced with a lifestyle habits decision the answer is “just this once” which usually gives that person permission to keep doing it.
Or making good choices most of the time.
Don’t get me wrong exercising maybe just once a week is better than nothing and eating healthy enough to stay the same shape is better than creeping body fat.
If that is you but you want to go further, how you could you step things up?
It’s the reason I write these emails 3 times a week to my list, do live video’s 3 times a week, post messages every day, design infographics in my free facebook group and post on instagram daily, update my website blog 3 times a week…
To try and keep you in the right mindset to help you get results!
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Ed (If I get asked by other coaches as to how to help people the most, I say pop up everywhere with healthy messages and be a massive pain in the arse) Stride
The busy mums lose and shape up small group is open for those who want to trial it for a week, if you haven’t found a way to get the results you want and know you need to do something different, let me show you that you can make progress in 1 week (includes 3 low impact, calorie burning, joint and back strengthening sessions and daily coaching).
You must be able to attend two sessions a week either after school run or evening timings in Ferndown, reply so I can ask a couple of questions to make sure we are a good fit for each other.
An hour or so, going through what you really want to achieve, and then together designing an action plan of the right action to take to get there, reply for questions or to set one up!


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