Amazing Exercise Sessions & Healthy Meals Don’t Get Results.

You get a great feeling after an exercise session.
Wether it was a supervised session, a class, you at the gym, you exercising outdoors or at home…
Maybe not during, but after.
When you have used muscles, moved in a certain way.
Feeling more alive, using the body as it was designed…
Or after a healthy meal.
A satisfied feeling.
A happy feeling that you have taken a step closer.
To healthy body fat, changing shape and feeling great!
To moving better, without discomfort, keeping the body strong and supported because most of the time you are sitting more than maybe the body is supposed to, but that’s modern day life.
A step closer to better health, in a future appointment the doctor being pleased to inform you that you have the health of a much younger person.
But a great exercise session on it’s own…
lasts 24-48 hours depending on what you did.
Or one healthy meal lasts until the next meal time.
It’s more action than most take but it only lasts for so long.
In my honest and usually correct opinion (when it comes to this stuff)…
Too much attention is paid to an exercise session or a healthy meal.
Don’t get me wrong, In my coaching sessions what happens at the session is important, but it isn’t just about this, especially a once a week thing…
It’s also very much the bit in between!
Post 40, so many of us have joint issues, a one hour exercise session can’t fix that, but if you leave the session with the agreed direction that if you are consistent with your exercise and when ever you can think of it you have to tighten your stomach and backside muscles to help your back.
And this becomes the way (usually with constant reminding), two exercise sessions a week and a habit of increased awareness of  constantly checking your posture and adjusting, done long enough that will have a huge effect!
Burning lots of calories without it being high impact and burning those calories long after, great, but during the session you agree and completely understand why you need to adjust portion size too.
And again, you aim to do at least two exercise sessions a week, but now you are in the mindset of changing portion size and before long that becomes your habit in between sessions (with constant reminding)
What happens is the exercise sessions are causing you to change shape…
Having slightly smaller and adjusted portions continually means more calories are being burned than going in.
The ongoing recipe for weight loss (fat loss).
The reminding turns it in to habit.
The habit is what creates the result.
And from what I have seen the result seems to make people pretty damn happy.
So remember it’s very much what happens in between, what you do over and over that counts.
Ed (Also why one slip up like an uplanned indulgence does not really matter, although I feel sorry for those I help who have my voice in their heads through constant reminding, that might not be so healthy) Stride.
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