Busy Mums, How to avoid getting hungry (hangry) on your weight loss plan.

Hangry! (Which is a clever portmanteau of hungry and angry, and an adjective that describes being irritable due to hunger).
Ask anyone what the number one reason they have not started to change eating habits yet to lose is…
And they will tell you they dont want to be hungry all the time.
And let’s face it, it’s also a big reason people stop.
The losing/healthy eating plan starts with good intentions,
A few days later all is going well.
Then it starts.
The hunger.
The irritabilty.
Even though you are busy, hunger is on your mind.
But you tell yourself you will feel so good when it works, the clothes you are going to wear, how you are going to feel, how your joints are going to thank you.
You will yourself to stay strong.
But then you start noticing food, EVERYWHERE!
Your favourite indulgence is on your mind all the time.
The food you actually eat is bland, tasteless and having to constantly eat meals like this is making you miserable.
Then in one weak moment, you give in!
You have your favourite indulgence, so of course, now its over.
You eat everything in sight, well you might as well!
You berate yourself for failing for the millionth time and feel miserable that you will never be able to have the shape, wear the clothes you want to.
I love food, if I had to be hungry all the time, I would not do it, if I could not indulge at least once a week, I would not do it. I would not expect those I help to do it either.
The fact is, if you are not where you want to be, at some point you consumed more calories than the body needed, which was convered to stored energy or body fat, which you wear now.
So now, you have to get your body to use that stored energy to be able to lose.
Which means using more calories than you consume.
Over on my free Busy Mum’s Lose and Shape Up Facebook group I use info graphics all the time to illustrate points…
One of my favourites is a stomach (it’s not graphic) that is half full on 700 calories of not very healthy food, meaning that person has consumed over 700 calories and is still hungry!
And one that has had 350 calories of healthy stuff and is full, because it takes up more room in the stomach and the body will have to work harder to process the nutrients.
That is one huge tip.
When you eat healthy natural foods, for example Vegetables and foods high in Protein, you don’t need many calories before you have had enough.
Get to know those foods! More importantly get to know those foods that you like!
If you make a few swaps and eat these type foods most of the time, it will be so much more likely that you will consume more good things and less calories.
What happens when you have less calories overall? In time all the things you really want.
If this is something you really want, and you would like some help and support, in September (when you get your life back a bit) I will be re opening the Busy Mum’s lose and shape up group, exercise sessions that effect metabolism with joint friendly exercises, (basically no jumping around) and you have to check in daily and weekly with regards to eating habits, its a system that is designed to coach, help and support you achieve what you want to do and make you happy,  there is a money back guarentee if you don’t!
If you have any questions or to register interest for the limited spaces next month, just reply!
If you just want something to get you started, scroll down to get my free 7 step guides, 7 steps you can start doing now to make progress.
Ed (There would have been a very witty exert here, but writing this email has made me hungry, so I’m off to get a snack) Stride.


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