You don’t need exercise to lose weight and feel more youthful…

Firstly, it is true, if your single goal is weight loss then you can achieve that through watching what you eat.
The title of the post was said to me by someone who was going to a weight loss group.
Who also said…
“I tried spinning before, it did not work!”
Where weight loss is concerned cardio exercise would be something that would complement weight loss, it’s not a solution on it’s own.
If you were addressing eating habits, that has the biggest effect.
But as I had help in realising…
I don’t help people lose weight just for weight loss’s sake.
I provide a total lifestyle solution that I can personalise one to one and even in small groups to have a healthy level of body fat and so much more.
Even if the goal is just “lose weight” then eating habits on there own are not a long term solution…
Here is why (quick explanation).
To lose weight, essentially you have to reduce calories.
(Slightly if you are smart :))
Which means most of what you lose is fat.
But even being careful it is hard not to decrease Muscle and Water.
“So what!” I hear you say.
Well let’s say you find a way to have slightly less calories than you burn, you steadily lose…
After you have lost fat and muscle and water, your body actually requires less calories in a day.
So at some point, your weight loss will stall, as although you are consuming less calories, your body is now burning less calories per day, so it is harder to create a deficit.
If you do find a way, the same thing will happen again down the line.
When you exercise, you burn more calories in the short term…
Because muscle has to be used otherwise it is lost, if you are stimulating muscle you stand a better chance of keeping it…
If you are keeping it, it will burn more calories for you each day and just make things easier.
But not only that, eating healthy most of the time will make you feel healthy.
If you have a healthy body fat, then you don’t have to worry about most health risk factors.
If you exercise as well, or at least have an active lifestyle…
You have more energy, imagine at the end of one of your busy days how exhausted you would really feel if you didn’t have even some fitness?
If you have joint and or back niggles, it helps with this as you are designed to move!
If you want to feel more youthful, then all the research states, exercise helps with this.
If you have not already over indulged in your healthy lifestyle reading for today (my posts are described as more than enough for most:))
Then go ahead and google exercise and youthfulness…
Yes if weight loss is just your goal, “look good naked” as I see fitness people half my age proclaim…
Then less calories will do it.
But for me, its way, way more than that…
When you feel healthy too, when you have energy, when you feel strong, when you feel healthy enough to feel good about yourself, when you can move with minmal niggles and keep doing all the activies you want to do, youthful vitality I refer to it as…
When you feel so much younger than your actual age.
Then it’s not just about one thing.
It’s a lifestyle.
One that fits in with your life, without being a burden and allows you to reap the benefits.
Do you agree?
Reply if you haven’t got there yet and want to find out how.
Ed (More than that if I wasn’t exercising how would I get away with eating peanut butter out of the jar and eating cheezy coleslaw for lunch – don’t judge it’s how I get my vegetables, just that they are swimming in high calorie mayo, I should probably exercise more….) Stride.


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