Would you like a different way to start getting healthy weight loss results in 2019?

Do you find that setting goals actually demotivates you?
You have done it before and it did not work.
It feels like an exercise in “wishing for the unobtainable” again.
Setting the same goals and objectives year after year only to feel like you are starting right back at the beginning again.
You know the benefits you are going to get.
You know what you need to do.
You know why you want to do it.
Let’s face it, we all don’t feel ourselves at the moment.
We all ate more than we usually do over the festive period.
We all have that new year hangover.
Motivation is high to change it.
Energy, not so high…
So if you find the whole goal setting thing a bit of a waste of time or that you are setting yourself up for failure…
Then try this…
If you already know what you want to achieve, then identify your worst lifestyle habit.
The one that most stops you getting results.
The one that if you changed would have a big difference.
Start here, aim to slowly change things one small step at a time.
Doing it this way will keep you motivated.
If it is difficult at the start, just keep going.
Should things go a bit wrong at some point, don’t stop just get back to it.
But if you could change this and conquer this, what would happen?
Must be worth doing!
If this seems a better way of doing it and motivates you more, then do this instead of the goal setting thing.
Ed (give up that habit of writing blogs for you, no chance, until you have got  the result you want, one way or another :)) Stride.
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