Why any Exercise Class that claims it’s going to chisel the abs and sculpt the bum is false advertising!

In the studio I run my lose and shape up small group from…
It is shared with people running other classes…
And on the board are adverts and leaflets.
I had set up my group and was early waiting for those to turn up.
So, I started looking at these leaflets…
One in particular triggered me / sent me over the edge…
(The advert in the picture!)
With the wording that basically says come to my class and you will lose/sculpt/tone/shape various known problematic body parts where we tend to store body fat…
Very enticing I’m sure, but what was written is not SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!
You still can’t directly sculpt, tone, shape body fat and it won’t directly turn into lean, shapely muscle it’s not possible!
You have to lose the body fat that obscures the muscle to see the shape, tone and definition.
Mind you, the advert does not technically say the class participants will actually SEE the results the class says it delivers, but I’m pretty sure, they don’t know that!
And it won’t come off from one place, no matter how many times you work that place.
It’s having a lifestyle that means you are continually tapping into your body’s energy reserves (fat).
That is it.
And here is the thing, it is far, far easier to just be careful of the calories going into the body than to try and burn them off!
So your eating habits are still 70-80% of the fat loss result.
Without this you won’t ever see any kind of shaping, sculpting effect, no matter how hard you try!
Exercise is very healthy and I recommend it none the less, but it only equates for the 20-30% of a weight loss result!
However, if you want all the health benefits like making sure the muscles that support your body (back and joints) and help with bone density, then you have to exercise, I recommend doing at least 2 sessions a week (you can get more done in less time if you need to).
In relation to exercise and weight loss though if you can hold onto muscle (hard to do when you are trying to lose weight/fat) then you will keep a good metabolism, which really, really helps!
And you will burn calories during (and after if you do the right things!).
But more importantly, it doesn’t half put you in the right mindset, why after spending your valuable time and energy exercising would you eat bad?
In fact, you will crave healthy food.
You will just be in that healthy mindset to do healthy things and if you do enough healthy things you get results!!!
I thought my small Personal Training group (feel free to ask when it’s open again next) on average get better results than those I see once a week, because they get access to my knowledge more…
NOPE, it’s because as a coach I am there to remind them what they are doing it for, work through any challenges and set tasks more than once a week, which keeps them on track.
It’s the same as when you challenge your body a little through exercise, then after 48-72 hours it all starts to reverse unless the process is started again it’s the same thing with your state of mind!
And of course my class helps them with shaping, toning sculpting and all the other benefits, but they know they have to follow my whole system which includes healthy eating too!
For a free 7 step plan, 7 things you can start doing from now to make progress, scroll down and click to get yours!
Ed ( What the leaflet should have said was “if your body fat is low enough you will see sculpting, toning, shaping benefits or if you eat healthy to lose body fat and combine it with my class you will start to see more shape, tone, definition, but not if you just do my class!) Stride.


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