Why a Weight Loss/Fat Loss Objective is wrong.

I am sure if your goal is to get down to a weight or even better a body fat weight.
And don’t get me wrong it’s great to have goals.
It’s also great to give those goals deadlines as it creates more urgency.
Now I use measurements when I help those I coach.
And it does show me if they are doing what they say they are doing :).
But there is something more important behind it all.
That needs to be acknowledged and celebrated (which I will get to ;)).
The problem is not all of the things that drive measuring a loss goal are in your control.
For instance life might get in the way, making you feel bad that the best you can do is maintain.
Or the progress you hoped for does not happen at the rate you hoped for.
We are all different.
Another reason I don’t tend to use calorie counting is that everyone absorbs nutrients differently!
Meaning of the calories ingested you might process more of them (or less) per the same meal as someone else.
Your muscle to body fat ratio and level of fitness improves this by the way.
But like I said you don’t have total control over it.
But what is behind the measurements changing…
And something you do have control over is your behaviours.
Wether you ate healthy for 80% of the week.
The food choices you made continually most of the time.
All those little habit changes you did.
And keep doing.
Exercising at least twice a week.
Not just picking comfortable exercises.
Getting straight back on track after a slip up.
Being in the right mentality to make some good lifestyle decisions.
Not being too hard on your self.
Even starting to drink more water if you know you need to counts.
These are the things that need to be celebrated more.
Because you can’t 100% control how quickly you make progress.
But you can 100% effect your behaviours.
Celebrate that, because it will lead to the outcome you are looking for.
If you would like a guide with behaviours/steps to start making progress, get yours here: https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/optin/
Ed ( I know what you are thinking, maybe I could change my behaviours to write a post that isn’t slightly annoying and you are right I could, but that wouldn’t help you :)) Stride


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