Weight Loss advice from my favourite 90’s actor.



My favourite actor back in the day was Will Smith.
I really liked a film called “Bad boys”…
Back in the mid 90’s a typical silly buddy buddy cop movie…
With the usual action, banter and stupidity.
He was being interviewed not so long ago about how to be successful.
I was expecting a long drawn out self indulgent answer…
Instead his words of advice were: “Just decide.”
Ever done that thing where you plan to exercise or have a healthy meal…
at the beginning of the day you are of the mind set that it’s going to happen…
As the day progresses, things start to change.
As it is human nature at some point we find something that makes it ok not to do it.
We manage to talk out selves out of it.
But if you set out to do some thing and saw it through…
You just decided.
Decided it was beneficial enough that you really wanted to do it.
And I get it, when we had more time in our younger years it was easier to fit stuff in.
With all the comittments someone over 40 has, if you are taking real action then you really want it!
Because this involves lifestyle and isn’t a quick fix, it’s hard to say for certain that you can achieve it…
But can you at least say it’s possible, maybe you have made progress already, or previously, or know this time if you do the right things (like I advise for example)…
Then it’s possible.
But here is the key, then you have to decide to make it happen, to start taking action…
Start taking steps.
More steps if you have not changed for a while.
For a free guide of steps you can start applying now: https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/optin/
Ed (Thinking about it, I don’t think I have ever been referred to as a bad boy, no idea why :)) Stride.


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