There two types of comfort eater, which one are you?

Not that long ago, I thought to be looked up to as a fitness coach…
I needed to be the example.
That people needed to believe that all I ate was chicken and broccoli and nothing but healthy bland food.
That I lived like a bit of a  monk.
Actually some people still believe that 🙂
That if I saw someone I knew at the supermarket, I would quickly get rid of any offending items in my trolley, by offloading them on the nearest shelf, going to say hi and then scooping them back in…
Or recently I can just say, “Ice cream, oh that’s for the step children…”
I quite liked people assuming I must live in the gym.
Then I realised instead of reaching the very people I wanted to help, I was alienating them.
That is not very relateable or to be honest achievable.
And more importantly it’s not exactly true.
There are two types of people…
Those that do a little bit of comfort eating…
And those that don’t tell the truth about it!
No one has a perfect healthy lifestyle!
More to the point, to be a healthy in good shape over 40 something, you don’t even need to!
It’s just striking a good enough balance.
If I didn’t have the comfort foods at the week end, I wouldn’t be able to be healthy over the course of the week.
It would be too restrictive.
And restriction leads to binge, which leads to restriction, which leads to, well you get the idea.
Even with exercise, I do the minimum amount of days and duration to suit me.
More than that and I wouldn’t do it!
If your comfort eating feels beyond your control then seek help with that.
If all you need is for someone to help you find your balance to start making progress then use the comments or contact me at:
Ed (Head in the comfort eating cupboard on a Saturday night) Stride.


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