Safe Weight Loss Exercise when you have a history of muscle stiffness and joint pain.

Do you currently or have you in the past experienced joint pain and or muscle stiffness.
There are many reasons it happens an impact is an obvious one, like a car accident, the body undergoing the pressure of bringing another being into this world is another and also on going posture…
Pain is to tell us something is wrong and needs fixing and stiffness is because something has tightened up restricting range of movement.
Can your back tighten or you suffer with troublesome joint pain or just experience tightness regularly?
Do you find that this stops you being active in fear of making things worse?
Or you know exercise is important but are not sure what is right for you?
Are you looking for a way to ease the situation?
Or exercise that will help you lose and shape up without you having to worry about hurting something?
I was lucky that when I worked in corporate fitness twenty years ago we had inhouse physios I could learn from and I have been learning ever since.
I worked with my parents since I was very small lifting heavy boating equipment and not susing the best lifting technique, which later on gave me back problems and raced moutain bikes at the time so I would pick up injuries from crashes…
Having them fixed by physios was a great way to learn!
I learnt a lot about posture at this time also and what effects it.
Pregnancy is certainly one! The front hips tighten, which tightens and arches the lower back and the middle upper back tends to round more and the pelvic floor muscles tend to become inactive.
In fact a lot of the time, muscles are to blame, they work in pairs and when one tightens up, the other one relaxes more, the joint effected then moves differently, which over time causes pain!
Something I do at the start of working with them is a movement assessment to see these posture patterns which enables me to choose the right exercises.
We sit more than we need to, which also causes muscles to stiffen.
We probably need to do a lot more stretching and mobility exercises than we do, me included!
But we are also designed to move, this activates muscle and helps joints lubricate themselves.
In designing my own exercise system, I wanted to take the guess work out of prescribing the right exercises and so my routines include “stability” type exercise, which are exercises that also use muscles that support the body.
The more muscles involved in the exercise the more calories that are burned too!
We are also designed to move in different directions rather than just forward in a straight line as this helps with mobility.
I wanted to design an exercise system that anyone who has muscle or joint related problems or who has been through pregnancy or does work involving sitting, or drives alot could do with minimum modifications.
Most people come to me as primarily they want to lose weight and change shape, but I realised nearly all of them have joint or tightness issues, so as well as help them go through a physical transformation I also wanted to make sure they were doing the safest exercises and ease and help their tightness along the way.
If you have questions about this, let me know in the comments or at
Ed (the physios did warm me, that when you can recognise posture patters, how to explain to a complete stranger why you have been staring at them walk for the last 10 minutes- a posture pervert one called it) Stride


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