Over 40 something wanting to be healthy with a slowed metabolism and dodgy back?

So what is the reason you exercise?
What is the reason you try and eat healthy?
What is the reason you aim for a healthy lifestyle?
Is it to get something in return?
Good Health so that you feel amazing and are worry free?
To lose weight, so that you improve your health and just feel way better.
To have youthful vitality beyond your years, how would that feel?
To not seize up and keep moving?
Some or all of the above????
As I observe it, most I see and speak to aren’t quite getting the result they want.
Some are yet to get started, they don’t know how to get started, what to do first and what is common is that because of so many other committments and priorities, stops them ever being able to focus and find that starting point.
Or those that dabble, do a few exercises of their choice or a slight focus on healthy eating, but does not get them the result they wanted.
Having a gym membership doesn’t get someone results, its then doing the right things consistently enough or effort level.
And this has to be combined with healthy eating.
I wish it did, but exercise on it’s own doesn’t get a result.
It’s why so many start and stop.
And being motivated to eat the right things often enough and find the balance is not easy.
This is the difference as to what I do and how I created my system that has helped so many get a result., first and foremost it’s about getting that person the result they want.
Being an over 40 something with a changed metabolism and dodgy back history this was something I had experience in myself and being able to help someone similar.
It’s hard to get that balance of ensuring exercise is low impact, but burns as many calories as the high impact stuff, but it’s very possible but no one else seems to be doing it, so I made my own!
Plus you can tell a coach you are doing all the right things outside of sessions, but only by measuring do we know if you are doing enough to make a difference!
Plus it can be hard to focus your valuable time and energy on the right things, the things that are going to make the biggest difference.
Plus sometimes you need to be answerable to someone or a group, someone who cares if you get the result you want and pulls out all the stops to help you get it.
Is it time for you to get a result?
Ed (I watched you demenstrate the exercise and I thought that looks simple, not much to it, not bouncy, I even thought that won’t be challenging or burn calories, but then when you do it…) Stride.
P.S The last day to apply for spaces in my small coaching group at Ferndown, will be early December, a trial week to start getting results, (morning and evening sessions and access to the online coaching group) then if it’s right for you sign up to start in January and pay nothing for the rest of this year. For those who want to get a result rather than dabble only!


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