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Nothing makes you feel older and less unhealthy than your years than this… (Plus special offer at the Ferndown Studio).

One thing that will certainly make you feel older than your years…
Is having joint discomfort and or a tight or stiff lower back…
I knew how that felt from a young age…
I was working in the family business from as early as I can remeber.
Hauling around heavy boating equipment.
No one knew good lifting technique.
I was studying for exams at age 16, after sitting for a few hours to study, I went to get up and realised I had seized!
The same thing happened a couple of years later.
But shortly after that, I started learning about the human body.
Now at 43, although there has been a few niggles since, but (touch wood) nothing as bad.
I learnt early on about helping those with joint and back problems post rehab.
How day to day posture had a big effect.
How knowing which muscles “switch off” in our modern day world and these were the ones that need strengthening.
Which then leaves other muscles too tight and in need of releasing.
Moving in different planes of motion.
Exercises that can be dome at the start of an exercise session and at the end that make a big difference.
I use it for my self and it’s made a massive difference.
And I have and am currently helping lots of others, not just with backs and joints either…
In fact I built a system where I could help someone like you the other side of 40…
Wanting to have a healthy level of body fat…
Wanting to get rid of back or joint discomfort and move better, to not worry that you will have to give up some of the activities and things you enjoy doing.
To feel healthier and have more energy.
Youthful vitality as I call it, to feel much younger than your actual age.
Rather take my word for it, come and experience it…
And if you decide it’s for you, then it will be set to start in officially in January…
But December is free,..
But no need to sign up too soon, come to the studio in Ferndown (mornings or evenings) and try a week or enough small group sessions to start losing a couple of Lbs or feel your joints loosening or more enrgy first, then sign up and enjoy not paying anything at all for this year.
Don’t stay stuck and unhappy not making progress, doing the same things to no avail.
Or striving to be healthier but with no one to be accountable to.
Or taking advice from those who write or are fitness professionals who are too young to know your struggles, or older but with not enough experience of how the body works yet.
You could keep doing the same thing.
Or start making progress, before anyone has even thought “oh dear I over indulged at Xmas and my back is still stiff, better set another new years resolution”…
Mail me at ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com to find out how to start now.
PS if you want to read about others I have helped, go here first: https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/success-stories/
Ed ( “ohhh my back hurts, old man!” was the sympathy my friends gave me aged 18, wonder if I have the last laugh now?) Stride.


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