In the News: Bad Diet Worse Than Smoking.

This was the headline on news papers and the news on TV recently.
Findings that for most of us our eating plans are unhealthy and lacking in various nutrients.
Sometimes people who exercise think that gives them a liscense to eat badly.
On the flip side those that exercise are also more likely to try and eat healthy as part of a healthy lifestyle.
The gym members I talk to regularly tend to find healthy eating much harder than fitting in exercise though on the whole.
The market of keeping us up to date is getting more competitive, so newspapers and the like have to work harder to grab our attention.
Whilst a lot of funding went into the study, it is based on guess work and assumption due to the amount of people being covered.
But lots of studies of this nature have proved that unhealthy eating plans have links with cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancers.
The trouble is is what is considered healthy one minute seems to change the next!
But we already know the reason why; most of us need to make a few adjustments.
What hasn’t changed much is that balance and moderation is the key.
But you knew that already, no one has ever told me that this sort of information is ground breaking…
But the comment I usually get is “I know what I should be doing, but how do I get myself to do it??”
Thats the biggy.
Having a big big reason for doing it is one, going beyong the goal of “I want to lose weight and get healthier”
Maybe start with that goal and then ask yourself why 5 times.
Sometimes a little bit of help is needed.
Thats what I provide a total lifestyle solution, taking someone who is stuck frustrated and unhappy with their current situation and turning it around for them.
Soon I will be trialling a brand new and cutting edge way, I will keep you up to date, might even invite you personally to take part in the free trial if I think you are suited.
PS For some steps to start progressing to great shape and amazing health, especially for over 40’s, go here to get your free guide:
Ed ( Look out for the next headline: Bad eating responsible for people’s heads falling off, but if you adopt a plan of balance and everything in moderation, apparently you will be OK) Stride.


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