Healthy Over 40: What do Hollywood actreses and very old people in Japan have in common?

Not long ago I was asking myself the question of how can I help people more.
I realised the best way was to specialise a bit.
I can help people with strength training, gaining muscle, but that’s more about looking good rather than health and it’s typically those younger than myself…
Training for performance is another area, but I don’t really compete myself, so it’s not something I have first hand experience of.
Endurance type training, going for very long runs insn’t something I do either.
So many want to lose weight and it has become a specialist area of mine, but there are so many serving that sector so I didn’t want to be another weight loss coach…
Luckily I got some help a little while back (thanks Anita!)
Those I help might remember me asking them what was the main reason they exercised and why my help in particular…
Once I had gathered this information I had narrowed it down to two categories…
Living longer- Coaching someone through a healthy lifestyle to extend their years, improving their health, so they had more family time and could keep doing all the things they wanted to do for as long as they wanted to.
Reversing the years- Feeling more youthful, having a healthy level of body fat which means being in good shape, having great health, having abundant energy, healthy joints and back and living a healthy lifestyle to assist all this.
I was struggling to choose, both were areas I could really help, I could relate to and find really important to me personally.
I researched a bit more and it was the title of an article that sealed it…
“Longevity is the new antiaging”.
Living a lifestyle that enables you to be in great shape and have amazing health of someone younger than your years extends them also.
In the articles I remember reading about actresses who were aging backwards because of their healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and healthy eating and the people on a Japaneese island living to incredible ages (and being active and very mobile) who were doing the same thing!
Like I said something that is important to me too, the feeling of age being merely a number, being in great shape and having the health and vitality also.
By coaching a lifestyle that is very close to the lifestyle you are living right now, you don’t need the latest diet, or fancy exercise programme, you can still enjoy your favourite less nutritous foods and drinks and you are closer than you think.
For a free guide especially for over 40’s to be in great shape and amazing health go to:
Infact I am developing a different type of results based coaching service soon that will enable me to help more people, the system is there but the delivery is a bit futuristic though so I am going to offer it as a free trial first.
Don’t worry, I will keep you informed!
Ed (Looking to help you more by taking my coaching into the 21st century) Stride.


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