Going to the gym but not losing weight, this could be why…

It’s pretty well known that there are two things required to bring you down to a healthy level of body fat and to maintain as well.
Talking to people in the gym at the moment they are pretty good at one of them.
The exercise bit.
Which is great and delivers numerous health benefits.
But even by doing a lot of exercise, won’t really help you lose.
Consuming calories is easy, burning them is hard!
And as I see it this is the biggest problem with gyms and weight loss.
There isn’t that much information about the subject or even guidance.
Now as I am told by numerous people, when I raise the subject “Yes but we know what to do!”…
I don’t think that is the issue, everyone knows pretty much what to do.
The issue is if you know what you need to do then why aren’t you doing it?
That’s the issue.
I saw a social media post about a transformation a gym member had made, there was no mention of a complete lifestyle change which would have to have happend to get that result.
As a fitness coach I am not a qualified nutritionalist, which means I can’t recommend how you can make adjustments to get more of a certain vitamin or mineral or for certain health complaints.
But I certainly know how you can change your eating habits for healthy sustainable fat loss and a balance of different key nutrients and portion size recommendations.
And when it comes to fat loss and general health, that is what is needed.
But if you are reading this, thinking you need to do more exercise or it is something else…
Then try this little exercise…
Why do you want to have less body fat?
What would be different if you had less body fat?
How would lthat make you feel?
What don’t you currently like about your body fat at the moment?
What would happen if it’s not addressed soon?
How would that make you feel?
So what do you need to do?
I agree completely with your food related answer and being consistent with exercise will assis if you are not currently!
Or even better have someone take you through effective low impact/high calorie burn exercise sessions and set you agreed eating habit steps and measure you to keep you accountable.
My time is very limited but happy to have a quick complementary consultation to give you some steps to make progress.
Or here is a free guide with some steps you can start following now to make progress: https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/optin/
Ed ( I did this ropey little demonstration video before where I ate two little chocolate peanuts and then showed what you would have to do to burn that many calories a bit like a performing chimp, here is the video https://www.facebook.com/ed.stride/videos/1829034220480766/). Stride.


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