Do this to aviod the negative comparison mind set for Weight Loss results.

My vacuuming was interupted one Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago.
(I know celebrities are jealous of my lifestyle).
The two little uns (who are 10 and 11) wanted to know how they could do a home bleep test.
Do you remember the bleep test from PE? A tape that bleeps and the bleeps get quicker as you run between measured points (usually a sports hall) and the tape announces the start of each new level.
I told them there was probably an app they could download (get me) and they could goolge the distance they run back and forth between.
Any way they listened to the first bit and decided they would just run up and down the garden.
Off they set, the levels they achieved at the end were way higher than usual as the distance was shorter.
One was upset that he didn’t go as far as his brother, although he is built like a rugby player and his brother a nimble footballer.
Luckily I could step in and apply “fitness rules”.
Which basically means it’s all about beating your own level or personal best.
(To be honest, I’m not sure it’s a thing either, seemed to work :))
Do you find your self competing or comparing?
Comparing yourself to friends or even celebrities.
I have had requests before, to be made to look like a certain celebrity.
The problem is we all have different genetics.
I went through a stage in my exercise routine of wanting to look like The Rock, who is naturally big and broad, whilst I’m a different build with long legs and dangly arms…
Sometimes the comparison is, despite that person maybe being busier or at least as busy as you, they seem to be better at following a healthy lifestyle.
But does that leave you feeling you are not doing all you could, or even failing to achieve your particular objectives?
Are sad that you long to look a certain way or have better health?
The answer is to apply “fitness rules” infact let’s call them “lose and shape up rules”, which mean focus on your own achievements and try and better them step by step.
We all have completely different genetics and come in different shapes and sizes, a few of those I help have stated their objective is to be “the best version of themselves”. Which I believe is a great way of looking at it.
Sometimes you can probably be a bit hard on yourself, just vow to keep doing the best you can with the time you have (especially with summer holidays coming up).
If you need help, get the free 7 steps guide that you can start doing from now to make real progress, as you apply them (go to “get started now”) let me know how it goes:
Ed (actually me and The Rock do have some dimensions in common, sadly it’s his arm and my leg) Stride.


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