A strategy to enjoy Christmas but not gain weight!

When I say strategy, I may be overcooking it a bit…
Like I do literally every time I’m let loose in the kitchen to be honest.
This is not some kind of train spotters guide to festive eating…
I’m not sat at the christmas table with a calculator or app or anything like that.
this won’t be a guide I am releasing any time soon.
No, this is just a couple of tips that enable you to enjoy the festive season but probably end up consuming less calories.
So come January you are not screaming at yourself “what have I done!”
in no particular order…
These are little things I do myself…
Yes, I am getting on with it; here they are…
My first one is to have any food remotely healthy first, leaves less room for anything else.
Especially foods high in protein (for example meat and vegetarian protein) and anything high fibre (vegetables).
Watch out for them liquid calories 🙂
Make sure you are hydrated before each meal (but don’t hydrate with liquid calories 🙂
You may know, the feeling of fullness has a slight delay, so if you feel full at the end, about 10 minutes later your body will let you know how full you really are, which usually ends in depending in relation to severity
a) slumping in an arm chair, watching something you wouldn’t really watch but feeling to full to stand and get the remote.
b) loosening of buttons or belts around the waist to feel comfortable.
c) unconsciousness usually accompanied by snoring and if you know of no one who does this, good chance it’s you.
There we go, probably like I said the least scientific bunch of tips I have ever written.
But do a few of them often enough and it will make some difference, possibly.
Ed (I sort of use those tips, but I need a strategy to stop me doing fridge tapas, where you reach into the fridge, grab something consume it and come back for something else 5 mins later) Stride.
PS If it would make you feel better, still offering complentary consultations for early Jan.


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