Why is 166 hours important to being in great shape and having amazing health?

If you exercise a few times a week…
Or try and be active…
Then that is amazing.
It will have health benefits and you will feel better after each session…
For those I see in the gym and as I advise in these posts to aim for at least 2 sessions a week minimim.
Which if you do the right things is enough to progress.
So the question is are you progressing?
Is your body fat at a healthy level?
Or more importantly is it at a level that you are happy with, that makes you feel healthy and boosts confidence?
Or your health in general, how your back and joints feel?
Your energy levels?
Your mobility?
2 gym sessions a week is great, but what also counts is even after 2 hours, there are still 166 hours left in the week!
As a coach, what I have tried to do more and more is influence what you do in the non exercise time…
A reason you are reading this!
Creating accountability outside of the gym or place of exercise.
Keeping track of other things that are done in the other 166 hours that determine if you get results or not!
Creating a sensible sustainable calorie deficit (if fat loss is the goal). (Which can be measured weekly to find out).
Eating healthy. (Most of the time). Meals, snacks, choices, hydration, portion size, good balance of nutrients?
Right weekly balance of healthy and fun for you.
Daily steps.
Posture habits.
If it wasn’t supervised what you actually did when you exercised, were they the right exercises for you?
Effort level, including muscles that might be underactive, including all muscle groups, including mobility exercises…
Its all this stuff together that gets results.
A lifestyle.
And the margins of no improvement and steady improvement are very narrow.
Wouldn’t it be great if someone was helping you stay in the margins of improvement?
Well, that is what a coach does!
Plus I am working on a new service that focuses on the right exercise programme for you and helping and supporting you the rest of the time to get the result you want.
Will be looking for trialists who are ready for this very soon!
Ed ( Have you seen this new app that links your fridge to my phone? Don’t worry there isn’t one, but there could be…) Stride.
PS For some steps to start progressing to great shape and amazing health, especially for over 40’s, go here to get your free guide: https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/optin/


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