What is the best way to keep burning more Calories?

Since I was little, I have always been aware of being a little bit different, shall we say.
Do you remember those last days of school before breaking up for a holiday of some kind?
You could bring games in.
My class mates would be there excitedly playing Twister or Connect Four or Operation (remember those?)
I on the other hand would be sat on my own either drawing a map from an atlas or making a wildlife drawing.
At the time, I didn’t really take any notice.
And now the great thing about being in your 40’s is that you embrace being slightly different.
One way that I tend to be different than everyone else is focusing on fat loss not just weight loss.
And I have to be careful not to dampen anyone’s enthusiam because to lose weight on purpose, action has to be taken!
But I try and advise against the any weight lost is good approach.
Such as fast weight loss, weight loss through water (which explains those day to day changes) and weight loss through illness.
I know I have suddenly become as unpopular as I was as that map drawing weird kid in the corner…
But hear me out, here is another reason why…
Weight loss or fat loss is caused by creating a calorie defecit.
If you lose weight fast (water, muscle and fat)…
The number of calories you burn each average day decreases.
Which means the deficit gets smaller.
Eventually there is no deficit and you have to do even more to consume less calories or harder -burn more calories.
Which is fine if you don’t really like food or a tipple…
I don’t know about you, but no thank you!
About 60% or more of the calories you burn are at rest.
Your size increases this, how much muscle you have does too and all the functions of the body that mostly happen with out us thinking make up the rest.
That’s why what you consume is really important…
But so is preserving muscle!
It’s why as we age it’s easier to gain weight, muscle starts to decrease…
But only if we don’t use it!
A couple of sessions a week with decent strength training exercises will do it.
Do the right one’s and it will help with joint and back niggles too.
If we create a calorie or energy deficit and preserve and keep muscle active, it makes the process so much easier!
For a free guide of steps you can use to make progress from now, especially for over 40 somethings go here: https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/optin/
Ed (Probably the only reason I get away with taking a jar of peanut butter and a fork to work) Stride.


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