“What is my metabolic age?” “Yes it’s less than my actual age!”

There is a fancy measuring machine in the gym I work with a few clients at…
It looks like an arcade machine, but you step aboard it (with no socks on)…
And it takes 14 different measurements.
Including weight, body fat, water, muscle weight, visceral fat (intra abdominal fat) and loads more…
But what is the one that everyone I observe pays the most attention to?
More than all the others?
That are far more scientific.
Something called “Metabolic Age”.
Above is a little picture of my results, my metabolic age on the right. 28. Not bad eh seeing as I am currently 43.
Now I don’t point that out to boast, well not totally.
See I want you to take me seriously too 🙂
Even my  little portable scales measure metabolic age too.
The other readings to me mean far more, but can be a bit confusing and hard to relate to.
The Metabolic age one is simple.
If your metabolic age is younger than your actual age – happy days!
If it’s higher – not so good.
In fact bit of a shock for some.
Again wierdly more so than the other numbers.
What it is measuring is the breakdown of the human body and it’s components that burn the most calories.
For example, Fat does not burn many calories as it’s more of an energy storage and Muscle burns lots of calories.
Then comparing it against the average for that age.
Now if you have genetics on your side, then that can help.
Do you know your metabolic age?
How do you change it for the better?
The same way you change all apects of your health.
It’s a healthy lifestyle innit?
All of those things that make up a healthy lifestyle.
This backs up what I keep rambling on about fat loss, not weight loss.
Using metabolic age, there is a different way of putting it across…
Not to prove a point, but because it’s important to health and the way you look and feel.
You can have two people the same weight and height…
When your metabolic age is higher than your actual age, it also flags up a few things that need changing for the sake of your health.
So keep reading for a whole host of tips to lower your metabolic age and in fact just feel way more youthful than your actual age in the upcoming posts.
Any questions, reply.
If you are a Mum wanting to have a lower metabolic age or lose fat (go on then, some weight) then get my free 7 step guide of things you can start doing right now to get results, but not for long because I am going to change it to something else very soon. Yes you do have to enter an email address, but the only reason I will need it is to send you the info and other usuable tips (like the one above) three times a week, so scroll down to get yours!
Ed ( So is your metabolic age more hip, hip hip horay! Or hip, hip, hip replacement?) Stride.


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Tom says 23rd June 2019

Hi there,
Thanks for the explanation, very insightful. Indeed I used exactly the same machine at my local gym. I’m 27, average body, and the metabolic age appearing is 12. Which is a bit confusing

    Ed Stride says 23rd June 2019

    Just means you have a very healthy body composition!
    Either means a very healthy lifestyle is followed (most of the time;)
    Or an OK lifestyle, with really good genetics!

Ruth Thomas says 23rd April 2020

Please send how to lower metabolic age. I’m 77 but m age is 83.

    Ed Stride says 28th April 2020

    Hello Ruth,
    Thank you for your question. Those numbers are very close together. Metabolic age is based on fitness and muscle, the better organ’s function and the more lean mass you have the higher the number of calories you burn at rest. Exercise has the most effect, anything that strenghtens muscle – body weight exercises are great and a healthy lifestyle in general. Hope this helps.

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