Things that make you feel you have way more youthful vitality than your actual age. (How would you rate yourself).

In one of my recent posts I talked about the metabolic age.
A measurement of all the components of the human body that burn calories.
The result is best on a typical average for that age.
Like I said good if your metabolic age is younger than your actual age, great!…
Not so good if not.
It’s very hard to measure though.
When I work with someone, every contact I have with them is about helping them achieve their objective.
Measurements are great, but you pretty much know how you are doing…
So how would you currently rate your self in years or either “younger than your actual age” or “older than your actual age” in these elements of health and fitness.
And some of these will be more important to you than others.
Base your age rating on how you feel about each.
A body fat age.
Not so much weight, but how do you feel in relation to body fat?
Is it a healthy level?
Can you wear the clothes you want to wear?
An Energy age?
You cram a lot into each day, so yes you are going to be somewhat tired at the end of it…
But if simple things like stairs have you huffing and puffing and simple activities, that could mean your energy age is higher than your actual.
Joint and Back age.
Do you have numerous niggles and aches and pains as these are signals that something could be wrong or need addressing.
If you have had problems before, it could be due to that, but means this is even more important.
Do you move with stiffness? Or have a sedentary job or your day involves a lot of travel?
Or become very stiff If you don’t move for a while.
Or suffer if you go for periods of time with no exercise?
A Lifestyle age.
In relation to all the stuff you enjoy doing, can you do it with no problems or do you suffer after?
Do you have enough activity/steps each day?
Do you exercise enough? (At least a couple of times a week).
Do you eat healthy most of the time? Have a good balance?
Right number of calories?
(By the way you can’t really say yes to the above question if you scored badly on your body fat, something is a miss 🙂
How much sleep you get? How you deal with stress? How you unwind? (How healthy the method is!)
Even your outlook and level of optimism?
Like I said some of the elements will be more important to you than others, but you can see how they all fit together.
I would love to know, which is the most important to you as this would help me write future content.
Feel free to write your age numbers down, what you want them to be and then as my tips come in, take action to start reducing the age (s) most important to you!
How would you feel if all the age numbers where the way you wanted them?
Well stick around, because that is what I intend to help you with in future posts…
If you want to fast track results and get some help reducing any of those numbers, then feel free to schedule a complimentary call or meet and I will set you on your way!
If you want a convenient way to add exercise into your lifestyle (or a routine you can use when you can’t get to the gym or are away from home) and improve all the scores at the same time, get my free follow along exercise video at (says for Busy mums, but anyone who wants a joint friendly, caloie burning exercise routine can do it!).
Ed (If I drop my keys, I now I have to make a little noise to bend down and pick them up, I’m sure that probably negatively effects my joint/back age) Stride.


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