Read this for motivation for over 40’s to achieve your healthy weight loss goals in 2019!

Taking the necessary action will be what seperates those that get results and those that don’t.
And I want you to get those results in 2019!
First, you really need to know why you are doing it!
What is the most important thing you want to achieve this year?
Why is that so important?
On acheiving that goal what will be different? What will you be experiencing? What great benefits?
What could happen if you don’t?
Is the action you are going to take sustainable?
Is the action you are going to take going to have a big impact if you do it often enough?
How soon can you start taking some action?
Start now then!!
I can’t tell you how many times those I have helped are suprised at how little they need to do to start getting results!
How if they knew they wished they had started sooner.
It’s great to look good, feel good,
But for us over 40’s health is also so important.
Strike the right balance in 2019.
I will be here to keep you on track.
Ed (I have refrained from the classic “New Year New You” chant as the rest of the fitness world will be jumping on that bandwagon and I know you have probably had enough cheese already over the festive break) Stride.
PS As always feel free in the comments to let me know if you need any help, or if you would like a free guide with some easy to action tasks that depict what to focus on to make the biggest difference in relation to reversing the years as to how you feel and look, your health and youthful vitality… go here!


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