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Invest in me Pros on the go

Below is a list of my results getting packages and services, in my 20 + years of being a Personal Trainer and weight loss expert I have helped thousands of people get results.

In the past two decades I have helped many Busy Professionals get results and I am familiar with and the challenges they face in getting these results. I have developed a results getting system with them in mind, the system had to work with someone who is ultra busy and on the go from early until late.

Busy Professionals who don't get much time to themselves, but when they get a moment to assess their health and lifestyle goals outside of their work and other commitments, just want to feel good about themselves, want to be in good shape, realise their health is extremely important, want more energy to get through their busy day with some to spare and to look good and feel proud wearing the clothes they want to wear.

Over my 20 years I have developed and evolved a results getting weight loss system.

I am essentially a weight loss and functional fitness expert, which basically means someone who knows the science of long term healthy weight loss by combing healthy eating and specific exercise routines; perfect for a Busy professional who's average day requires prolonged sitting and a travelling and commuting all of which increases the load on joints and increases the likelihood of joint problems and back problems.


Premium + Lose & Shape Up Package

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    The Ultimate Personalised Lose and Shape Up System.
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    For those that want a personalised "just tell me what to do and what to eat" service to make it fool proof to get results.
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    Designed to fit your lifestyle.
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    A results getting system that is completely adapted for the individual's needs and tastes.
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    With unlimited email access to me your results getting coach for ongoing help and support.
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    Taking you by the hand and leading you step by step to results.
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    Personalised Personal Training Sessions, (Or personalised Programmes) Personalised Meal Plans with shopping list, Personalise eating out plans with menu advise and email support.

From £200 Per Month (from £75 online Only)

Premium Package

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    * (Available on request within 15 miles of Ringwood, Hampshire).

Personal Training at a venue of your choice.

From £150 for 4 sessions per month.

Effective and Personalised Exercised sessions.

Weekly short topics to go through and short tasks, to fine tune your lifestyle habits and ensure progress!

Email and online group access to me your coach for help and support along the way.

Group Personal Training also available

(Contact ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com for more details).

The Online Lose & Shape Up System 

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    Online FFF Pros on the go Edition Online 12 Week Programme with access to the FFF inner circle online support group.
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    12 Key Losing Weight and Changing Shape topics for you to go through each week, absorb the concise content, action the quick tasks to ensure weight loss through the 12 weeks.
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    Easy to follow effective video follow along exercise routines that require minimal equipment and very little space, perfect for a hotel room for example!
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    Apply for a results orientated call, or consultation and free consultation and taster to start getting results straight away!



Apply for a free results orientated call or free consultation to start getting results straight away!