Over 40's "Rewind Your Age" System

Below is a list of my results getting packages and services, in my 20+ years of being a Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Coach to the over 40's. I have helped thousands of people get results so far...

Those who are bringing up a family and or holding down a career are the group of people I am most familiar with and the challenges they face getting results.

I have developed a results getting system with them in mind, the system has to work with someone who is ultra busy and on the go from early until late.

Those who don't get much time to themselves, but when they are not busy with responsibilities and committments want to feel good about themselves, want to be in good shape, realise their health is important especially as they are the ones relied upon, want more energy to get through their busy day with even a little to spare and to wear the clothes they want to wear and generally want to feel better about themselves.

Over my 20 years I have developed and evolved a results getting weight loss, shape change and health improving system.

I am essentially a weight loss and functional fitness expert, which basically means someone who knows the science of long term healthy weight loss by combing healthy eating and specific exercise routines that are low impact/high calorie burn that someone who wants to lose weight/change shape, improve health and not worry about niggly back and joint problems can do

Plus coaching and support to make a few simple on the go healthy lifestyle changes paramount to progress, perfect for an over 40 something with very specific requirements.

I look forward to helping you get the results you have always wanted!


     In Person 1-2-1 Coaching               *Within 15 miles of Ringwood, Hampshire

  • At home or venue of your choice tailored to your desired results and current ability Personal Training Sesssions.
  • Ongoing guidance in all areas of lifestyle for ultimate results
  • Email support.
  • Personalised Agreed Weekly Tasks Paramount to Results

£320 Per Month. (X2 Personal training session per week).

*Currently full, but email me at ed@loseandshapeupexpert to discuss next availability.

GOLD COACHING PACKAGE: Online Coaching (Personalised to you!)

Online Coaching, Personalised Exercise and Lifestyle Habits Support.

  • Your own Personalised & Specially Designed Exercise Programme, designed in relation to the results you want to achieve and current ability
  • You will be sent concise lifestyle information with quick agreed tasks to implement, designed to help you get results step by step.
  • Exercises designed to work on common problem areas that are low impact/high calorie burn.
  • Catch up coaching calls to ensure on going progress.

* From any location!

Online Personalised Coaching From £99 per month

 *to apply contact ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com

SILVER COACHING PACKAGE: The "Rewind Your Age" System Membership Site.

Over 40's Online System with Coaching.

*For those self motivated to exercise regularly themselves at the Gym or Home and need a proven system to use for results:

  • Low Impact, High Calorie Burn Exercise routines, use the follow along exercise video's, or the pre designed programmes or easily personalise your own.
  • Exercises carefully and thoughtfully picked to help over 40 somethings get results. (Weight Loss, Shape Change, Higher Energy, Stronger Back & Joints, Mobility and Healthier & Happier).
  • Eating habits section, loads of practical ways to have less calories/or eat healthier you can start applying whilst still being able to have your favourite foods and drinks.
  • A motivation/mindset section designed to keep you on track!
  • Online coaching group to check in, ask questions, share progress and get help with challenges. (You can message either the group or just the coach directly).
  • Total system that includes Exercise Routines that are Time Effective, use at your gym or anywhere! 
  • Designed to help an over 40 something lose, change shape, be in better health, move with less discomfort, have more energy and have the feeling and the happiness of "rewinding your age."

The "Rewind Your Age" Online Membership System. Introductory Price: £27 per month. (Cancel anytime).

Or for more information email ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com or to find out more!

"Rewind Your Age" Online System 

Member Taster to Get You Started.

£20 (One Time Payment)

Apply for a free results orientated call with no obligation to join to start getting results straight away!