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Below is a list of my results getting packages and services, in my 20 years of being a Personal Trainer and weight loss expert I have helped thousands of people get results.

Those who are bringing up a family and holding down a career are the group of people I am most familiar with and the challenges they face getting results. I have developed a results getting system with them in mind, the system has to work with someone who is ultra busy and on the go from early until late.

Those who don't get much time to themselves, but when they are not making everyone else's needs a priority want to feel good about themselves, want to be in good shape, realise their health is important especially as they are the ones relied upon, want more energy to get through their busy day with even a little to spare and to wear the clothes they want to wear.

Over my 20 years I have developed and evolved a results getting weight loss system.

I am essentially a weight loss and functional fitness expert, which basically means someone who knows the science of long term healthy weight loss by combing healthy eating and specific exercise routines; perfect for a mother who has gone through pregnancy and does some degree of driving and possibly a job that involves prolonged sitting all of which increases the load on our joints.

KRUG Ultimate Healthy Lose and Shape Up System Package

  • 'Unlimited" Access to the Busy Mum's Lose and Shape Up Small Group Personal Training Sessions.
  • Includes the Busy Mums FFF online, step by step weight loss plan for free!
  • Unlimited Exercise sessions and Lifestyle plan for ultimate success .
  • With unlimited email access to me your results getting coach, from 9am - 9pm.
  • Taking you by the hand and leading you step by step to results.
  • Personalised Exercise Programme to use at home.
  • Personalised Monthly supermarket meet up to design a shopping list.
  • Personalise eating out plans with menu advise.
  • Email support.
  • Video’s, Articles and Personalised Weekly Tasks.
  • Weekly Accountability Call.

£250 Per Month. (Or £75 per month just online to get results from anywhere in the world!)


Unlimited access to the small group Busy Mum’s FFF exercise sessions at Ferndown and West Moors, Dorset and lifestyle support.

  • Weekly Measuring to keep you in check & Exercise Sessions designed for unique postural and stabilisation requirements of a mother to make it effective, safe and designed especially for Busy Mums.
  • Suited to all levels of Fitness ability, anyone can take part (as long as they are a Mum!).
  • Each week you will be sent concise lifestyle information with quick agreed tasks to implement, designed to help you get results step by step.
  • Free entry to the Inner Circle where you are encouraged to post a quick note on daily progress and challenges and you can ask questions and get help and communicate with the other Mums to keep you on track!
  • Routines designed to burn lots of calories during and to have you burning calories long after the session is finished!
  • Exercises designed to work on common problem areas such as legs, bums and stomach to help you tone.
  • Exercise sessions that are fun and with like minded people, who want the same results as you and face the same day to day challenges.
  • Exercise sessions also designed to improve stamina, muscle tone, ease lower back problems, provide back and hip support and improve posture.
  • Time for a Questions and Answers session at the end of each Session, to get in person advice.

* Venues in Ferndown and West Moors, Dorset.

One to one Personal Training available on request.

Lose and Shape Up System including Busy Mum's Small group Exercise Sessions From £22.40 per week 

Want to find out when the next "kickstart results free trial week" is or if you have any questions then get in touch at ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com

or to find out how to join now; Scroll down to "apply now' to fill out the form.


Busy Mum’s Edition Online Fat Fighting Formula. 12 Week Online Course.

  • For those who exercise regularly themselves at a Gym or home and need a lifestyle plan to follow for results: The Ultimate Results getting 12 Week Course!
  • 12 Weeks, 12 Different subjects key to weight loss results. Including: So what are the best foods? Making sense of food labels and advice when eating out...
  • Each week a new subject and a few important results getting tasks to implement.
  • All the key step by step information to see great results in 12 weeks and build a healthy longterm lifestyle.
  • Easy to understand information, not just what to do for results but why!
  • A Video Seminar “weight loss science”. The most up to date weight loss information, simply explained, this alone will enable you to get results!
  • Follow along exercise videos purposely created for the unique postural and stabilisation requirements of a mother.
  • Exercise Routines that are Time Effective, Minimal Space needed, No Equipment needed, Suits any level of fitness exercise sessions.

Busy Mums FFF 12 Week Online Course: £127. 

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