Could this be why you are not getting the results you want?

Those I see at the commercial gym I still help a few people at, who also read my blog say…
“I like your posts, they make me think…”
Which is great, but I also want to know what level of action you are at to make sure you are doing the right things…
Yes I want them to make you think, but I want them to enable you to take action!
If you are reading them, then being healthier and feeling better is obviously important to you, but why no action yet? Are you still getting ready to get ready?
Then don’t wait for the right time, it won’t come – start now!
So knowing what to do is different than doing it!
Do you at least try and be healthy, lead an active lifestyle (lots of steps) and try not to eat too much of the high calorie, low nutrient stuff?
Well then that is a start, but if you are reading this, then you are probably doing enough to maintain your current health/how you feel, if that has been happening for a while with no change, then I suggest working out what you are willing to do to go further.
Lots of people fit into this camp of either exercising regularly but not quite got the eating habits bit right yet or the other way around.
It is possible to eat healthy and lose, but that won’t have a big effect on your health, your energy, your metabolism, and how your joints and back feel.
That comes down to adding exercise, not just any exercise, endless steady cardio won’t do it and if there are joint and back issues then high impact might burn a few calories, but you can’t burn calories in the future if moving is painful and just doing very low impact doesn’t burn many calories or help you change shape.
But most exercise routines and even classes are not designed for the over 40s or people with an issues or even rarer is those that help with issues and allow you to burn calories and have a faster metabolism.
And you can’t just rely on exercise to lose, it’s far easier to put less in than try and burn it!
And by less, you could just eat less or eat smart, where it feels like you are eating alot, but actually the calories consumed are even less than you are now, whilst still eating stuff you enjoy.
So the key to losing and shaping to feel better, to have more energy, no health risks and ease joint and back issues…
Is just a lifestyle of doing the right things.
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Reply for questions or to apply.
Ed (I know there is exercise I would like to try, but I would break, but I wouldn’t want to do the exercise that bored me or made me so relaxed I fell asleep at the end) Stride


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