A forty something fitness coach’s view on coaching and personal training…

I had just finished a little exercise session myself the other day.
Trying to practice what I preach 🙂
Was talking to someone I know in the changing room.
He said “Do you ever get one of the other gym staff to take you through your session?”
Not so long ago, I would have considered that a reasonable idea.
In fact even now, there are some exercises that I am sure someone could help me with techique wise.
It’s easier for someone to watch you do an exercise, rather than watch your self and try and “feel” what you are trying to do.
But now I am the wrong side of 40, I would be a bit more fussy about another fitness person taking me through an exercise session.
I am going to get the arrogant bit out of the way, but most I know have a few years experience at most, I would want someone with as much experience as me and be a specialist in the areas relative to my objectives.
Really knowing how to design a programme that isn’t just balanced (taking into account all muscles come in pairs) but is designed for my individual imbalances (we all have them).
That due to years of a dodgy back avoided certain movements that would be fine for some, like any kind of flexion of the spine, but I would rather not take the risk.
Plus to have a productive session and burn a few calories and prime me for improvement which takes a certain amount of physical stress, but I would like to achieve this with exercises that have little to no impact.
Also I know there are these fancy, sexy complicated exercises that will turn heads in the gym and mastering them looks cool, but if the basic ones or variations of the basic ones are way more effective, then lets go with these.
Plus at the end of the session I want to feel like I have exercised in the right way, know I have done something, but have some energy left, I am going to be on the go until at least 9pm and certainly not been worked so hard that I need assistance to get changed and dressed after!
Plus during the session to understand how what we are doing contributes to my objective, sometimes I need an explantion, because that motivates me to know. (It’s part of how I coach).
Plus any healthy eating and lifestyle advice to complement it, needs to take in to account I get an hour or less leisure time in the evening, I realise now it’s hard to allow for that, until you live it!
Oops, it turns out I’m a bit high maintenance.
Now I also completely understand someone may be dubious I can help them as I may not have experienced what they and their body has been through, yes it is harder if you haven’t experienced it, but over time and through learning and working with loads of different people you get a better understanding.
But like I said, the main reason to have a coach isn’t so much about the session, but working towards something, an outcome, the sesions become part of that, but it’s all the ongoing stuff, the habits that you repeat over and over…
in fact enough times that it’s obvious that’s what you do!
Ed (bit of a fitness diva) Stride.
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