“You cured my sweet tooth!”

This is a common one…
Early on when I start working with someone, whether it’s one to one or the small group…
As we are making a plan and I am finding more about their objectives.
Those that work with me want to feel better, more youthful by having less bodyfat or at least maintaining a healthy level of body fat, having great health in general and the things that go with it; energy, vitality and less joint and back niggles…
In the beginning I want to get a bigger picture of why achieving the objectives are important, because it’s usually the resason behind the reason that matters.
Once I understand this bit, then its helping support and coach that person to make that happen.
It’s also knowing the challenges they face and how this has stopped them up to this point and how together we can overcome them…
I usually get the announcement of “I get major sugar cravings” or “I have a big sweet tooth”…
Which is probably very true.
Although I also know this a lifestyle habits thing as well.
My interpretation is what they are actually saying is “my blood sugar goes up and down all day and when it’s down, my body wants sugar to bring it up quick”.
So by coaching them to change the balance of the food groups they have, this will be more managable.
Which is the opposite of the government guidelines, following that system will give you cravings!
A few weeks later of enquiring about their sugar cravings, I usually get the response…
“Actually not too bad.’
All that is now happening is, there are less spikes and crashes.
Plus if you are fitter with a faster metabolism, your body uses the energy before you get the spike.
Down to a simple habits change.
And if they don’t get daily cravings, it’s easier to make better choices…
If it’s easier to make better choices, that means more nutritious food and less calories.
Less calories overall means fat loss.
Especially when combined with the right exercise routine.
Less body fat means feeling better, more youthful, fitting in clothes, better health, less fat is much, much better for joint and back health.
Doing the right exercises also helps keep the metabolism working, energy levels up and mobility better, not to mention burning a few calories.
Oh yeah and less sugar cravings.
it’s always nice when someone gets the progress they want and then tells me along the way other good things are happening…
“my back pain has eased”
“had my blood pressure measured and it’s much healthier”.
Like I said it really is just a few lifestyle habits.
If you want a complementary session to get clear on which lifestyle habits would make the biggest difference for you, let me know!
Ed (weirdly I still get sugar cravings after breakfast, which I satisfy with a Clementine, which tends to annoy people for some reason, but I’m not reaching for fruit if I get sugar cravings at the week end though :)) Stride.


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